Dalattourist: Leading Light in Lam Dong Tourism Industry

5:57:13 PM | 23/5/2017

As the oldest tourism-service-travel company in Da Lat City, Lam Dong Tourism Company (Dalattourist) is a trailblazer in the delivery of high-quality tourism services closely associated with nature, culture and identity of Da Lat City, to not only bring the best experiences to tourists but also actively contribute to sustainable tourism development of Lam Dong province in particular and Vietnam in general.

Dalattourist currently manages three famous resorts in Lam Dong province (LangBiang Mountain, Datanla Waterfall and Robin Hill Cable Car) and provides a wide range of services, including five restaurants, one hotel, one villa, and attractive outdoor discovery. The mission of Dalattourist is to develop Da Lat City’s tourism industry to be more perfect and professional to give customers with great experiences through nature-based products and services and help them feel clearer about traditional essence and identity of Da Lat City.

Operating in Da Lat City, one of the most famous tourist cities in Vietnam, is a great advantage for Dalattourist, but also a considerable challenge because of many competitors. In order to survive and develop in such a fierce competitive environment, since its inception, Dalattourist has always taken professional service quality and customer satisfaction as criteria of operation and diversified tourism products to meet increasing requirements of domestic and foreign visitors. In addition, to bring Da Lat City closer to visitors and make every trip a new experience in life, Dalattourist has invested sufficiently in distinctive products and services and protected the nature in sustainable and friendly manner.

Dalattourist is the pioneer in Lam Dong province’s tourism. It takes the lead in investing and tapping adventure tourism services - a unique and attractive tourism form that has special attraction to tourists. With Dalattourist, customers will experience canyoneering, zip-line, high rope course, slide, cable car, reaching LangBiang Peak with Jeep and enjoying the gong culture in majestic mountains and forests of LangBiang.

General Director Tran Thi Hong Nhan said, “Dalattourist brand always receives the support and trust of customers and becomes the first choice of both domestic and foreign tourists when they come to Da Lat - the “flower” city. We at all times provide customers with standard products and services and well-prepared tours; ensures that customers can fully enjoy their journey with the highest satisfaction, safety and quality. That is also the way that Dalattourist enhances the value of services and boosts brand reputation in the minds of customers over the time.”

The company always tries for better performance and better service for customers; focuses on creating new tourism products to meet customer demands and lead customer needs, and adds values to every product line to meet rising market demands. “Our top goal is focusing on utilising resources to power up Dalattourist and becoming a leading light of Lam Dong tourism,” she added.

Hoang Lam - Truong Thanh