An Giang Tourism Moving Forward

9:42:25 AM | 2/8/2017

Mountain, river and famous scenic landscapes make An Giang a leader of hospitality industry in the region. Every year, the province welcomes 6 million tourists, earning a big source of income for the local economy. Many companies are active in tourism industry, including An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company (An Giang Tourimex) with a leading role and impact on tourism and travel business in the province.

Strong brand and spectacular leap
An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company was formerly Mien Nui Tourism Company established in 1978. At that time, An Giang was a very poor agricultural province and needed to be rebuilt after the war. The company encountered a lot of hardships because its employees lacked knowledge and experience with this new business.

After nearly 40 years of unremitting efforts, An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company has built up its strong and prestigious brand in tourism - travel, restaurant and luxury hotel segments. An Hai Son-Kien Giang Hotel, Tourist Service Centre, Tuc Duc Hill Resort-Tri Ton, Ben Da Nui Sam Hotel, Long Xuyen-Cuu Long Hotel, Dong Xuyen Hotel and its representative branch in Ho Chi Minh City are its typical assets created by the company in tourism business in the past 40 years. Not only that, for the past four decades, An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company has also expanded into the food industry with six rice mills.

An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company is staffed by enthusiastic, devoted and professional employees, enabling it to obtain great successes in tourism and food businesses.

Having experienced the country’s economic development periods from self-subsistence to integration into the global economy, An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company has fulfilled the mission of a State-owned enterprise. Marking its 38 years of construction and development, the firm made a spectacular stride becoming the 16th member of Sao Mai Group.

Powered by a big business
Acquired by Sao Mai Group, An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company was immediately split into two independent units: one for tourism and one for food business. Accordingly, Sao Mai Group implemented a comprehensive strategy to stabilise and formed a stepping stone for the company to go further.
Reshuffling, rationalising human resources, issuing preferential policies, assigning personnel based on professional competence and skills, and professionalising its services were the very first steps of An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company. At the same time, it zoned the tourism market to have effective plans to approach new markets and increase revenues.

In terms of facilities, Sao Mai Group carried out master plans for An Hai Son Hotel and Tuc Dup Resort; upgraded and expanded Ben Da Nui Sam Hotel, restored Long Xuyen-Cuu Long Hotel, especially Dong Xuyen Hotel - the main unit of An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company. In addition, the group is investing over VND500 billion to build a 22-ha Sao Mai International Tourist Area, which comprises a 5-star 200-room hotel, a resort complex, a classy entertainment area, convention centre and wedding hall with a holding capacity of 1,500 people and a Bungalow Resort. Remarkable facilities of these items are hot springs, lakeside coffeehouses and swimming pools. European-styled modern works are carried out by top-notch American experts.

Therefore, revenue in the first six months of 2017 nearly doubled the same period of 2016. Room occupancy rates at Ben Da Nui Sam Hotel, An Hai Son Hotel, Long Xuyen-Cuu Long Hotel and Dong Xuyen Hotel were over 70 per cent on weekdays and 100 per cent on public holidays. Particularly, Tuc Dup Tourist Area served 10,000 tourists during May Day holidays, up 15 per cent over 2016.

Bold and positive moves from Sao Mai Group have blown new vitality to the tourism sector of An Giang province. An Giang province will strive to become a tourist centre of the Mekong Delta by 2030.