Sao Mai Group Tapping Dong Thap Tourism Potential

3:40:29 PM | 15/8/2017

Shortly after taking over and consolidating the operation of An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company, Sao Mai Group has embarked on a strategy to rebuild the entire Dong Thap Tourism Joint Stock Company. This is not only an internal reform but also shows the determination of Sao Mai Group to blow a new wind and arouse tourism potential in Dong Thap province, which is popularly dubbed the Realm of Pink Lotus.

Comprehensive changes

With a total budget of nearly VND200 billion, Sao Mai Group is resolute to reshuffle almost all infrastructures for the hotel chain and complete other items unfinished by the old company.

The 3-star Song Tra Hotel is being totally rebuilt with a sophisticated and scientific architectural design. Every item like the administrative area, reception hall, kitchen, massage room, karaoke, bedroom, garden cafe, Hanh Phuc Restaurant and rooftop cafe is rationally arranged to meet customer tastes. Sao Mai Group replaced all fire prevention and fighting system, lightning system, water supply and drainage system, and elevators to ensure fire prevention, food safety and environmental sanitation for the hotel and restaurant complex. With the revamp expected to be completed by the end of this year, Song Tra Hotel will be available to serve customers during Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year 2018 with modern elegant facilities and new service styles.

Earlier this year, the Italian-styled Bong Hong International Convention Centre with an accommodation capacity of 1,000 guests (the largest in the Southwest region), costing VND20 billion to build, was put into operation by Sao Mai Group in May. At the same time, the Bong Hong Hotel complex in Sa Dec City is also being promptly renovated by Sao Mai Group.

In addition, Sao Mai Group has carried out the 5.16-ha Tien River ecological tourist area project in Binh My B village, Binh Thanh commune, Cao Lanh district. The project, which will raise crocodiles, ornamental fish and grow lotus, is expected to attract about 40,000 people a year and generate a total investment of nearly VND100 billion.

When infrastructure is being repaired, upgraded or replaced, employees of Dong Thap Tourist Joint Stock Company are retrained in communication skills and service arts. Especially, chefs need to be cultivated with new culinary knowledge, skills and service mindset.

It can be said that Dongthaptourist has been operating with a young, energetic, creative and effective management apparatus just after nearly two years with Sao Mai Group.

Planning new steps

With more than 10 years in Dong Thap province, Sao Mai Group has done the amount of work that of other businesses doing in at least 20 years. Urban areas, trade centres, export seafood processors and other high-tech applications all bring values of new life to local residents. With the support of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council, the Provincial People’s Committee and relevant departments of Dong Thap province, Sao Mai Group urgently embarked on the makeover of the Dong Thap tourism sector. The overhaul of all infrastructure items is not only expected to make a breakthrough in revenue in 2017 and beyond but also rejuvenate the service mindset and manner.

Dong Thap Tourism Joint Stock Company (Dongthaptourist), set up in 1982, has many valuable member units like Hoa Mai Restaurant, Loc Hanh Restaurant, Bong Hong Hotel - Restaurant, Hanh Phuc Restaurant, Bao Giang Hotel, Song Tra Hotel - Restaurant and Sa Dec Hotel. They used to be very famous suppliers of leisure and restaurant services. Closing the value chains that Dongthaptourist had tried to accumulate for more than three decades, it is time to have a makeover to lift up the level. And, Sao Mai Group stormed the ‘rescue’ of the tourism industry of Dong Thap province with a new way of thinking, a new way of doing and a new belief.

Cong Bang