Nam Long Investment Corporation - Can Tho Branch: Consistent Mission of Building Ideal Living Spaces for Vietnamese Families

11:04:25 AM | 16/11/2017

During 15 years of development in Can Tho City, formerly known as Tay Do land, Nam Long Investment Corporation in general and its Nam Long Can Tho Branch in particular has always regarded humanity as one of core values to maintain in every project. Not only considered a place for settlement, each product of the company is built on the understanding and respect for users feelings and experiences, thus creating a spiritually and materially ideal living space. We have a short interview with Mr Quach Kim Dong, Director of Nam Long Can Tho Branch, on this issue. Hoang Lam reports.

Could you briefly introduce the highlights of Nam Long Can Tho Branch as well as Nam Long Can Tho Urban Area?
Nam Long Can Tho Urban Area is designed to have many public utilities like evergreen parks. We also make use of every inch for grassland, lakeside parks, microclimate rehabilitation centres, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness clubs and schools. In the construction planning, every house has a front retreat area for green trees which seem to make pathways wider. Technical infrastructure is built with the strict appraisal and supervision of specialised state management agencies.

At present, Nam Long Can Tho Urban Area has turned a backward agricultural area into a modern residence with synchronous infrastructure, helping insert a fit piece into the Can Tho City planning map.

As the investor of Nam Long Can Tho Urban Area, Nam Long Can Tho Branch has inherited a lot of property development experience from its parent Nam Long Investment Corporation based in Ho Chi Minh City. Hence, we have been able to carry out the project as scheduled, ensured the progress of ground clearance and land-use fee payment to obtain the land-use right certificate to offer residential land and houses to consumers in a timely manner.

In managing the project, Nam Long Can Tho Branch always handles well any cases of violation to win the trust of residents. We have striven beyond our capacity and addressed challenges of market economy to seek opportunities and utilise our potential and strengths in real estate business, actively diversify products lines and improve product quality to affirm the strong position of Nam Long Investment Corporation in Can Tho City.

Nam Long Can Tho Branch is profitable every year in Can Tho City. The branch has fulfilled all tax obligations in full and in time. As the biggest taxpayer of Cai Rang District, the branch accounted for nearly 50 per cent of tax value paid by commercial and industrial businesses in the district in the first six months of 2017. Not only taking the lead in real estate business, Nam Long Can Tho Branch is a big regular contributor and supporter for local social activities, with a donation of over VND150 million a year. With its outstanding business accomplishments and social security, Nam Long Can Tho Branch has been recognised and commended for its active achievements in tax obligation fulfilment by the Ministry of Finance and the Can Tho People’s Committee.

Persistently steadfast to the objective of generating an ideal living space for dwellers, building a sustainable residence and promoting the community lifestyle, what strategies will Nam Long focus to keep its commitments?
In our short and long-term development strategies, we focus on developing urban areas and residential property projects. We highly focus on planning quality, architecture, infrastructure and housing to meet consumers’ diverse needs.

Nam Long develops housing products from middle, upper middle and high-class segments, represented by three core product lines of Ehome & Ehome S apartments (VND600 million - VND1 billion a unit), Flora apartments (VND1 - 2 billion a unit) and Valora apartments (VND2.5 - 10 billion or higher a unit). Every apartment has its own features irrespective of its price. We take meticulous care of planning, amenities and living space. Therefore, in addition to detailed investment for each housing product, Nam Long Investment Corporation puts a premium on investing in complete infrastructure and synchronous, diverse facilities to ensure the best living environment and community for residents. At present, Nam Long has established a self-contained property value chain, from searching for clean land fund, designing, building and managing projects to make sure that our products always have excellent designs, reasonable prices and speedy construction.

In the long-term development strategy, Nam Long Investment Corporation will continue to uphold and continue the values that it has been created, especially rights and interests of inhabitants. At the same time, the group will actively take part in State-led urban development planning.

What do you think about the effort of the municipal government in creating an open, friendly and enabling investment and business environment for enterprises?
Nam Long Investment Corporation has invested in many localities across the country and it made its presence in Can Tho City in 2002. We have witnessed a lot of changes in the city for 15 years. The city has grown robustly to become a growth engine of the Mekong Delta with a rapid urbanisation pace, right-tracked economic restructuring, open investment environment and a service-based administration, which greatly please investors. The municipal government actively supports Nam Long to deal with any emerging difficulties in business.

However, Can Tho City is still slow in deploying urban infrastructure. Thus, we expect that the municipal government will invest more in urban infrastructure development and create favourable traffic connections with other localities in the region.