VPG Yen Bai Mineral JSC Asserting Strong Brand

5:49:08 PM | 20/3/2018

VPG Yen Bai Mineral Joint Stock Company (YVG) was transformed from a State-owned enterprise in 2001. YVG is principally engaged in mining, quarrying and processing minerals, with main products being ceramic, graphite and white marble. In addition, YVG is active in other areas such as mining and quarrying support services: Topographic surveys, geological exploration, mine prospecting, mineral analysis, mining project designing consultancy and appraisal; machinery, equipment and spare parts repairing; real estate business, land-use right business; ground transportation; machinery, equipment and machinery hiring; trading, export and import of minerals; import of machinery, equipment and spare parts. In the course of operation, YVG has gradually affirmed its position in mineral exploitation, processing and trading. At present, YVG owns some feldspar, graphite and white marble mines.

In the face of negative impacts caused by recent economic recession, the company’s business operations were gradually stabilised to achieve optimistic results, ensure better livelihoods for employees and contribute to the overall economic development of Yen Bai province, thanks to the right direction and strategy of the Board of Directors and the Board of Executives, and the great unity of all employees. At present, the company has four production divisions: Extraction Enterprise, Dao Lam Marble Enterprise, Graphite Enterprise and Ceramic Material Processing Enterprise, and a joint venture that produces calcium carbonate powder and granular powder. In the coming time, YVG will continue to consolidate and develop the consumption market for its products; constantly improve product quality and service quality to meet increasing demands of customers; and ensure the rights and interests of shareholders and employees. YVG will also invest further in more projects, expand production scale, and step into new business lines. YVG always strives to bring its products to new markets in the country and in the world, and resolves to become a leading miner and processor of minerals in Yen Bai province as well as in the Northwest.