Work Starts on DEEP C II Industrial Zone in Hai Phong

2:04:53 PM | 22/5/2018

Rent-A-Port Group recently launched 645-ha DEEP C II Industrial Zone in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone, Hai Phong City. Costing more than US$141 million, the industrial zone will prioritise high-tech, environment-friendly and high value-added projects.

Forming a green industrial zone, internet of things
DEEP C II Industrial Zone is an extended success of DEEP C I (Dinh Vu Industrial Zone). Established in 1997, DEEP C I Industrial Zone has attracted more than 70 tenants around the world with a total investment capital of over US$3 billion. Big names include Bridgestone (Japan), Chevron (United States), Knauf (Germany), C. Steinweg (Netherlands), Shin-Etsu (Japan), JX Nippon Oil & Energy (Japan), Idemitsu (Japan), You-Tech (South Korea), PVOIL (Vietnam) and Petrolimex (Vietnam).

DEEP C II will provide investors with logistics advantages as it directly links to seaports, airports and expressways, as well as tax incentives applicable to economic zones, good utilities and a reliable infrastructure system. It will focus on drawing light industries, heavy industries, general industries and supporting industries. Particularly, it will give priority to high-tech, environment-friendly and high value-added projects.

Mr Frank Wouters, General Director of DEEP C Industrial Zone, said, “From the foundation of DEEP C I, we are expanding our investment into green industrial zones, including projects on renewable energy, waste recycling and reuse, and building an inland waterway port as a more environment-friendly transport method. We decided to invest in two more industrial zones in the city: DEEP C II in the southern section of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone and DEEP C III in Cat Hai. Both industrial zones are strategically located, directly linked to deep-water ports, expressways and international airports. Since 2015, the DEEP C team has always been busy building dikes, processing the ground, linking facilities and turning this place into a pearl of Hai Phong City.”

Stronger pull in Hai Phong City
Mr Geert Bourgeois, Minister-President of Flanders and Flemish Minister for Foreign Policy and Architectural Heritage, expressed his pleasure at witnessing the good cooperation relationship and technology sharing between the two countries, particularly encouragements for green and sustainable development trends. He said that he was very impressed to visit DEEP C Industrial Zone and see the current development pace of in Hai Phong City.

Mr Nguyen Van Tung, Chairman of Hai Phong City People’s Committee, affirmed that DEEP C Industrial Zone is a longstanding partner who always strives to provide best quality services and lays the foundation and standard for other industrial parks in the city. The industrial zone accounted for 20 per cent of total foreign investment capital in Hai Phong and created thousands of jobs for workers in the Red River Delta. The city will continue to invest in building a synchronous and modern transport infrastructure to connect this area with Hai Phong International Gateway Port, Cat Bi Airport and northern provinces. At the same time, we will invest in international hospitals, international schools, new urban areas and entertainment areas to serve high-level professionals living and working here.

Right at the launching ceremony, DEEP C II Industrial Zone welcomed the first three investors from South Korea, namely Pantra Group manufacturing rubber parts, Pyeong Hwa Automotive Company making automotive parts, and Suhil Company making fibre optics. They hire 20 ha of land in total.

Also at the ceremony, DEEP C signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with KDDI, the second largest telecommunications service provider in Japan. KDDI Vietnam and DEEP C will develop the internet of things (IoT) via wireless and cable networks in DEEP C II to enhance the efficiency in managing and operating the utility system.

DEEP C Industrial Zone also inked a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation (GELEX) on joining and becoming a shareholder of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone Joint Stock Company, the investor of Deep C I and Deep C II projects. GELEX, a leading electrical appliance manufacturer in Vietnam, has expanded its business into real estate, logistics, renewable energy development and financial investment.

Le Hien