Tay Ninh Tapioca JSC: Downstream Processing Raises Tapioca Value

4:31:06 PM | 13/6/2018

Tay Ninh is among the biggest tapioca producers and processors in Vietnam. Sharing the national border with Cambodia where cassava is very productive, local companies have abundant input supplies for production development. And, this is also the reason why Thailand’s Thai Wah Public Company decided to join hands with Tay Ninh Sugar Joint Stock Company to establish Tay Ninh Tapioca Joint Stock Company in 1994. After 23 years of construction and development, Tay Ninh Tapioca JSC has affirmed its brand position as a premium tapioca production as well as its role in promoting local socioeconomic development and raising the value of Vietnamese cassava in both domestic and export markets.

Giving reason why his company chose Tay Ninh province to locate its factory, Mr Tinnakorn Varajuntano, General Director of Tay Ninh Tapioca JSC, said, “With its high applicability, much lower prices than potato starch and maize flour, the demand for tapioca starch in Vietnam in particular and in the world as a whole has been on the continuous rise in the past years, thus opening up great opportunities for tapioca processors and exporters. Meanwhile, Tay Ninh has good soil and climate for growing cassava. Large cassava farms mainly lie in Tan Chau, Tan Bien, Chau Thanh and Duong Minh Chau districts. Although the cassava acreage in Tay Ninh is the second largest in the country, its output and productivity topped the nation for years. Supply sources are very abundant. This is also the reason why we decided to invest in building a tapioca starch processing factory here to supply domestic and export markets.”

Always placing corporate creditability and product quality on top, Tay Ninh Tapioca JSC always adheres to strict regulations and standards on food hygiene and safety in production stages. It carefully examines input and output quality; produces and processes products in a self-contained process; ensures environmental protection; focuses on market demand research and product diversification to make best tapioca products for customers. By tapping local advantages and directing right production business process where quality is placed on top, Tay Ninh Tapioca JSC quickly established its position in the premium tapioca industry in Vietnam. Its tapioca products are not only popular in the domestic market but also reach many markets in the world.

To raise the added value of cassava by making premium tapioca products, in 2000, Tay Ninh Tapioca JSC continued to invest in building a malt processing factory furnished with modern advanced facilities imported from Thailand. After 5 years of operation, the company’s malt products won the high trust of customers. In 2015, province scaled up the factory capacity to meet increasing demands of both domestic and international customers. At present, the factory turns out 130 tonnes of tapioca a day and 150 tonnes of malt. In the coming time, it may expand these facilities to uphold the leading position in high-quality tapioca and malt production in Vietnam.

Remarking on the business and investment environment in Tay Ninh province, Mr Tinnakorn Varajuntano expressed his high satisfaction. “With a lot of outstanding advantages in combination, Tay Ninh is becoming an attractive and reliable destination for domestic and foreign investors. The investment and business environment has picked up and administrative procedure reform has been accelerated. Authorities at all levels support enterprises to tackle emerging hardships to boost investment and business performances. Personally, I highly appreciate the investment and business climate in Tay Ninh province.”

Committed to long-term cooperation with the province, Tay Ninh Tapioca JSC will try its best to utilise all opportunities, constantly improve product quality and the added value of tapioca, develop markets to many potential countries. In addition, the company will consider expanding operations and sales in order to better help cassava growers to improve incomes and facilitate rural construction and development. This will eventually further enhance the repute of Tay Ninh Tapioca JSC in the province and in the region.

Cong Luan