Quang Nam Construction Transportation JSC: “The effort is never wasted”

5:44:18 PM | 18/7/2018

By upholding its prestige and responsibility, Quang Nam Construction Transportation Joint Stock Company has made important contributions to local socio-economic development and the transportation sector. The company has won many big construction projects, such as a road linking National Highway 1 (from Cay Coc Junction, Thang Binh) to Da Nang - Quang Ngai Expressway, Dien Bien Phu Residential Area, and asphalt on Square 24.3 (Tam Ky City). Proudly speaking, the company has stayed firm on its own feet with its own internal strengths.

No hesitation
As a good performer of social responsibility, Quang Nam Construction Transportation Joint Stock Company has been assigned to manage and maintain National Highway 5 entrusted by the central government and provincial roads in Quang Nam province. Accordingly, in order to ensure the best construction progress, to serve people to move safely on roads it is responsible for, the company also manages and maintains roads regularly. To defend against flooding, the firm always performs four on-the-spot principles while timely addressing traffic incidents in the time of flooding and storm. Over the past years, the company has successfully carried out key infrastructure projects such as Provincial Road 616, Provincial Road 614, Provincial Road 611 and a road to Go Noi Bridge. In recent years, the company’s revenue exceeded VND100 billion a year. Its Duy Trung Concrete - Plastic Enterprise (Duy Xuyen), costing more than VND30 billion, was installed. Not only that, the company also invested in Vogele Super machines of Germany to produce heated asphalt concrete carpets of 7.5 - 12.5 metres. The firm also invested in a new 25-tonne road roller.

Particularly, during heavy rains that caused serious landslides on many provincial roads, the company timely cleared effected sites. Specifically, rains in 2017 flooded roads managed by the company like 14B, 14D, 14E, 40B and 24C and caused damage to human and assets. And, the 12th storm of that year seriously damaged National Highway 40B and the enterprise consulted with the Department of Transport and worked with the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to fix damages in the section from km8+500 to km14 on National Highway 40B. “The company always strives to fulfil its obligations as we know that our quick actions are the best “passport” to bring food to unlucky people and carry patients to clinics swiftly,” said Mr Nguyen Tuan Anh, General Director of Quang Nam Construction Transportation Joint Stock Company.

Moving forward
“What makes me proud is that the company has machinery and equipment, stone quarries and plastic concrete plants to handle many projects handled by partners, even foreigners. In addition, our responsible employees always strive for long-term sustainable goals of the province and the country,” he said. Indeed, human resources and technical equipment are two key complementary elements. Therefore, actively upgrading machinery and equipment, expanding production operations and strengthening the staff capacity are always long-term goals of the company. Reportedly, Quang Nam Construction Transportation Joint Stock Company is exploring new technologically modern business lines to consolidate its market footing. But, in this process, the company fears to face a lot of hardships ahead from various fronts, particularly the public. In this regard, the company hopes that local authorities will help raise public awareness of this issue.

Quang Nam Construction Transportation Joint Stock Company is gradually establishing its brand value featured by quality and progress of construction. The company will be always well united to seek right business ways to promote business performances, overcome challenges and create rapid and sustainable growth. And, it is certain that effort is never wasted.

Cong Luan