Viet Anh Investment and Development JSC Catching Property Trends in Hai Phong City

11:42:02 AM | 11/12/2019

Resolved to become a major industrial city in Southeast Asia by 2030, Hai Phong City is adopting many approaches and solutions to mobilize investment resources for modern, smart and sustainable urban infrastructure construction. Keeping up with the robust growth of the port city, Viet Anh Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (Viet Anh JSC) is carrying out the Hai Phong Viet Kieu International Village with its own characteristics and imprints to create a spacious and modern residence, along with the city’s development in the new period.

Determined to repatriate

Mr. Vu Duc Huynh, General Director of Viet Anh JSC, said, “The trip of officers of the Hai Phong City People’s Committee to the United Kingdom nearly 10 years ago was a predestined opportunity for us - overseas Vietnamese living and working in the U.K. - to meet the Chairman of Hai Phong City People’s Committee and department leaders. At the meeting, the city leaders encouraged overseas Vietnamese to return the fatherland, seek investment and business opportunities, and help the country’s economic development. At that time, Party and State policies encouraged overseas Vietnamese to invest in building their homeland and drew much interest from Vietnamese people living overseas. In response to that call, we decided to return to Vietnam and set up Viet Anh Investment and Development Joint Stock Company. With the desire to bring the ideal living space for expatriates, especially for high-profile young intellectuals seeking to work and live in the country, Viet Anh JSC has invested in Haiphong Viet Kieu International Village”. According to city leaders, this project is important to local urbanization and development. Particularly, it is also one of the projects that connects overseas Vietnamese with their homeland, thus helping them return to live, work and seek opportunities in business investment and economic development in Vietnam.

However, in order for the project to go into operation, he and his colleagues also encountered administrative procedure problems. In 2009, when the project was granted land by the city government, after two years, Viet Anh JSC carried out land clearance and land compensation, but the planned Lach Tray Dike ran across the project and the company had to spend a lot of work with the Hai Phong City People’s Committee to ask the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and relevant agencies to adjust the dike construction plan. Then, the company had to adjust a half of Lot 61A. To date, after nearly 10 years, the Hai Phong Viet Kieu International Village is basically constructed and put into operation.

Viet Anh JSC is known to have a strong financial health and a large land bank in Hai Phong. With his bravery and special business sense, the company determined to focus on real estate business when he saw this accelerating trend in the city. In that trend, shophouses are sought by investors as a new investment channel in the market. The fondness of owning property of Vietnamese people also makes this segment appealing to customers. Along with that, Vietnam's booming retail market results in a strong rising demand for offices and business spaces. In the last two years, shophouse is a magnetic segment to property investors because this product is tied to the permanent ownership certificate, brings a high rate of returns from subleasing, tends to rise sharply in the future and has strong liquidity.

Vietnam’s potential real estate market continues to attract many overseas Vietnamese. Investments by overseas Vietnamese businessmen illustrate the appeal of the property market. This investment wave will help increase the competitiveness and diversity of the real estate market, while making breakthroughs for Vietnam's real estate market relative to other regional and global real estate markets.

Hai Phong Viet Kieu International Village - Bridging overseas Vietnamese and homeland

Based on the tastes of patriotic overseas Vietnamese, the Hai Phong Viet Kieu International Village is designed for expatriates to have residence and make a living. Inspirationally adapted to luxurious European residences featured with scenic views across the river, the project is designed on the principle of fengshui with Five Elements in harmony with neoclassical European style. Accessible to key traffic routes, the village is located on 9.25 ha in Vinh Niem Ward, Le Chan District, Hai Phong City. The project includes adjacent houses, detached villas and semi-detached villas with 200 villas and 61 adjacent houses. The area of adjacent houses ranges from 112.7 square meters to 193 square meters and the area of villas ranges from 200 square meters to 580 square meters. Harmoniously landscaped detached and semi-detached villas have individual gardens to bring a fresh, luxurious and comfortable residence. The rational allocation of residential land, traffic land, greeneries and amenities forms a perfect dwelling. With a new shophouse model, flexibly tailored for living, for rent and for business, the project is rated by experts as an ideal abode for investors, overseas Vietnamese and local citizens to upgrade their living space.

With a construction density of only 50%, the Hai Phong Viet Kieu International Village is designed to create a green space with living and playing utilities for dwellers. The project with open space overlooking Lach Tray River and a central landscape space axis forms a series of open spaces of green trees and internal roads. The architecture has a gentle form and open spaces to form soft walls in harmony with the surrounding landscape. The project largely uses bright materials, mainly natural, environmentally friendly and durable materials. Modern facilities will open up entertaining and relaxing spaces for residents such as trade centers, sports facilities, parks, entertainment areas, security system, green system surrounding the project with a total area of 5,178 square meters, and a high-class marina for residents. Especially, taking education as a foundation to develop a good future, the investor Viet Anh JSC wishes to bring the standard education of the United Kingdom into the education system at his project. Based on the U.K.-standard education with rigorous standards for facilities and training system - one of the countries with the best education in the world - seen in Hai Phong City for the first time, the preschool and higher education system helps realize the great desire of Hai Phong citizens for a quality and value-based domestic education model that meets British standards.

General Director Vu Duc Huynh emphasized: “The greatest value that the Hai Phong Viet Kieu International Village project brings to customers is not just an ordinary house to live in, but also the value of distinctive residence class. Each villa is likened to a “resort in the heart of the city”, not only an ideal place to settle but also a safe investment opportunity with guaranteed profitability.”

Speaking of the company’s development orientation in the following years, Huynh said, “In the immediate future, the company is focusing on accelerating project construction progress to affirm the brand of Viet Anh SJC in the real estate market of Hai Phong City in particular and of Vietnam in general. In the coming time, Viet Anh JSC will continue to develop its real estate business in Hai Phong. The company is also planning to ask the municipal government for permission to build a high-tech, environmentally friendly bag and container factory for export."