Building and Developing World-class, Competitive Da Nang High-Tech Park

1:32:16 PM | 26/12/2019

This is the goal of the “Master Project for Da Nang High-Tech Park to 2030” recently announced the Da Nang City People’s Committee in October 2019.

Accordingly, the overall objectives of the project are to mobilize resources for construction and development of Da Nang High-Tech Park together with an innovative, scientific and technological urban area of the world class and strong competitiveness to effectively carry out socioeconomic development tasks in the spirit of Resolution 43-NQ/TW dated January 24, 2019 of the Politburo on Da Nang City construction and development to 2030, with a vision to 2045; and increase the contribution of Da Nang High-Tech Park to the city’s GRDP to at least 10% in 2025 and at least 15% in 2030.

According to the project, Da Nang High-Tech Park is an important basis for the State to mobilize maximum domestic and foreign resources, change economic growth model, and boost socioeconomic development of Da Nang City and the Central Region - Central Highlands; ensure the synchronous development of functional areas of the high-tech park, which focuses on two key points: high-tech production; and research - development, incubation - startup, and training. Da Nang High-Tech Park will follow Industry 4.0 trends to attract investment, develop appropriate high-tech fields. Priority will be given to projects with a registered initial investment budget of over US$100 million, encouraged at least US$15 million per hectare.

At the same time, the project puts forth five development mechanisms and policies for Da Nang High-Tech Park to 2030 (policy orientation, scientific and technological development policy, investment attraction policy, human resource attraction and development policy, and State administration policy) and seven groups of action solutions: (1) Improving the organizational model, operational apparatus of the Da Nang High-Tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority; (2) Planning and managing the high-tech park planning; (3) Completing infrastructure; (4) Enhancing international cooperation; (5) Strengthening the linkage between the high-tech park and relevant entities; (6) Training and attracting high-quality human resources; and (7) finally promoting investment.

By 2030, the project will implement five priority programs and projects: the project to accelerate investment in the high-tech park, the project to link tenants in technology parks and economic zones; the project to carry out research - development, incubation - startup, and training; the project to develop and utilize high-quality human resources in Da Nang City-based industrial parks to 2030; and the program to associate the high-tech park with universities and research institutes. The Da Nang High-Tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority will responsible for implementing these projects.

Da Nang High-Tech Park, founded by 2010, has to date attracted 17 investment projects, including nine domestic investment projects with VND5,272 billion, and eight FDI projects with US$258 million and Da Nang industrial zones attracted 479 projects, of which 359 domestic projects with more than VND17 trillion and 120 FDI projects with more than US$1 billion.

Thien Kim