Strengthening Fire Prevention

12:06:24 PM | 3/1/2020

To enhance fire prevention and fighting in the province, and minimize damage caused by fires and explosions, the Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee issued Official Letter 2736/UBND-NC2 dated April 4, 2018 on strengthening fire prevention and fighting.

Accordingly, the Provincial People’s Committee requested provincial agencies and local authorities to direct their subordinates to intensify information and communications laws on fire prevention and fighting, and actively inspect and rectify fire and explosion prevention at agencies and units. It also asked district-level governments to swiftly plan and build enough fire-fighting water supply systems in urban centers, industrial parks and residential areas.

The Industrial Park Authority continued to urge industrial park infrastructure investors and operators to set up grassroots fire prevention and fighting teams to best respond to fire and explosion situations and avoid unwanted outcomes; maintain a self-fire safety inspection regime to actively detect and eliminate risks leading to fire and explosion; and take measures against fire and explosion.

The Fire Police of Vinh Phuc developed a plan to coordinate with relevant departments, local governments and enterprises to boost communications on fire prevention and fighting in situ; assessed fire prevention and fighting, advised the People's Committees at all levels to promulgate documents to direct and inspect fire prevention and fighting at local facilities within their jurisdiction.

N.T (Vietnam Business Forum)