Sachi Tay Nguyen Commercial JSC Strengthens Foothold in Market

2:55:15 PM | 30/3/2020

Sachi, despite being a new crop, brings positive signs, especially when prices of pepper and some key agricultural products decline sharply. Sachi Tay Nguyen Commercial Joint Stock Company is successfully utilizing the value of sachi peanut, baptized the "king of all nuts".

Sachi Tay Nguyen Commercial Joint Stock Company produces a wide range of quality sachi nuts good for consumer health. Its featured products include Sachi Omega capsules, Sachi Omega premium oil and Sachi tea. Ms. Bui Thi Kieu Xuan, Director of Sachi Tay Nguyen Commercial Joint Stock Company, said, “Established in October 2018, the company was at first a workshop that made sachi. Many people often asked why I decided to pursue the business with this new crop. Is this too bold? Indeed, not many companies are studying sachi nuts because this is a new business. But, this nut impressed me very much because its shape looked like a flower with four lobes, even five or six lobes. This is considered the “king of all nuts” and “new super food” because it contains very high content of nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids, reaching 96%. The amount of Omega 3 in sachi is 48-54%. This substance helps develop and enhance intelligence, reduce cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, balance nerve cells, reduce the risk of sudden death caused by cardiovascular disease. In addition, sachi also contains Omega 6 (accounting for 35-37%) and Omega-9 (6-10%). The nutritional content alone enticed me a lot.”

She said the new crop is also helping local farmers because she used to witness many of them having to go to other localities to seek jobs. From her initial business success, Xuan and her staff are constantly creating and making impressive product lines to meet customer needs. Specifically, the company is currently conducting research on new products such as essential oil made from sachi and rose that contains a mild aroma, or sachi coffee - a perfect combination of Dak Nong special coffee flavors. All sachi products of the company are certified for food safety by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dak Nong Province. Moreover, customers and partners can trust traceability-enabled production processes. Xuan added, "Currently, I am associating with a business in Hanoi to make cosmetics with the best price.”

Very confident in and devoted to this nut, the company still faces numerous difficulties and challenges. Xuan said, “The biggest difficulty for the time being is capital and infrastructure. In this regard, I expect the local government to pay more attention to infrastructure investment and site clearance. Authorities need more support policies for local businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, to expand distribution networks and promote products. As the development of sachi trees needs to be vigilant, the government needs to support farmers to equip sufficient cultivation skills and quality variety selection and introduce development plans to increase the value of sachi for farmers. With its determination, I have, and will, overcome any challenge, because making good products for everyone, increasing incomes for the people and adding a surplus for the country’s trade is also a motivation for me to keep going. Hopefully, the value of the company’s s​achi will encourage young people who have enthusiasm and special love for this nut to boldly start their business and join hands with Sachi Tay Nguyen Commercial Joint Stock Company to strengthen the foothold of the king of all nuts on domestic and foreign markets.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum