Futaba Sangyo Vietnam Co., Ltd: Business Aligned with Social Responsibility

9:30:28 AM | 15/7/2020

Wholly Japanese-invested Futaba Sangyo Vietnam Co., Ltd (based in Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park) is involved in making car seat covers. From the Japanese perspective, employee health is an important factor for the success of a company, and since its inception, the company has devoted a third of the space for planting green trees, made due investment in modern equipment and production lines, and taken good care of employees’ livelihoods.

To meet quality requirements from the parent company in Japan, Futaba Sangyo Vietnam Co., Ltd regularly provides training for its employees; invests in modern equipment lines; and imposes rigorous testing of 100% of products supported by advanced technology and analytical equipment before being exported. Thus, its products meet rigorous quality, accuracy standards and receives customer trust. On average, each year, the company produces about 500,000 car seat covers and all of them are exported to Japan.

Remarking on the local investment environment, Mr. Uchikoshi Masanori, General Director of Futaba Sangyo Vietnam Co., Ltd, said, “I am very proud to do business in Vinh Phuc province. I see that Vietnam is a politically stable country and Vinh Phuc province has everything we have sought: Very active, friendly provincial leaders who are always supportive of investors; a favorable geographical location, convenient transportation support and synchronous infrastructure; professional agencies supporting investors very enthusiastically; simple investment administrative procedures; and young, abundant, easy-to-recruit labor sources. Especially, this industrial park is developed by Japan. Vinh Phuc has recently gained initial success in curbing and controlling the Covid-19 epidemic, which is highly appreciated by the central government, and the people across the country. We have therefore selected Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park for our production expansion project. Currently, Japan is a top investor in Vinh Phuc province."

Futaba Sangyo Vietnam Co., Ltd always pays attention to environmental and social responsibility. According to Mr. Uchikoshi Masanori, identifying that employees are a valuable asset, with 160 current employees, paid VND6 million a month on average, the company is applying an 8-hour workday with Saturdays and Sundays off. The company always pays heeds to aspirations and recommendations from its employees to create a safe and healthy working environment. It acknowledges working attitudes, and gives timely incentives to well-performing employees; improves lunch meals for workers; assists employees to obtain driving licenses, provides them with personal protective equipment, gives periodic check-ups.

Besides, employees are provided with all regulatory benefits like health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance, allowances, salaries and bonuses. They are encouraged to join cultural and sporting events, vacations to strengthen solidarity, unity and physical fitness. Then, they will work better.

In the coming time, Futaba Sangyo Vietnam Co., Ltd will recruit more workers to meet the orders from the parent corporation; improve skills and management capacity for employees; improve working conditions and environment; encourage employees to promote initiatives for better labor productivity and higher product quality and overall business performance; take care of the material and spiritual life and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of employees. The company will make greater contributions to the local budget revenue.

By Quynh Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum

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