Gia Lam District: New Rural Development Aligned with Environmental Protection

9:29:14 AM | 13/8/2020

Gia Lam district (Hanoi) has promoted propaganda and mobilized people to voluntarily participate in maintaining the criteria for new rural standards and developing the criteria for an advanced rural commune associated with regular maintenance and implementation of urban order and civilization year, promoting the application of scientific and technical advances, and bringing mechanization into concentrated production areas.

In 2020, Gia Lam strives to have two more communes, Bat Trang and Duong Xa, to be recognized as meeting advanced rural standards. Gia Lam district always pursues the ultimate goal of improving the quality of material and spiritual life for people.

According to the plan, by the end of 2020, the average income per capita in the district will reach VND62.5 million/person/year; 10/20 communes will complete income criteria, reaching VND60 million/person/year or more, including: Da Ton, Yen Vien, Bat Trang, Dinh Xuyen, Kim Lan, Duong Xa, Kieu Ky, Dang Xa, Phu Dong and Ninh Hiep.

Mr. Le Anh Quan, Secretary of Gia Lam District Party Committee, said the district's goal was to build a new rural district in the direction of synchronizing infrastructure framework, building a new countryside in the direction of urban development and environmental protection. At the same time, it will implement measures to achieve the indices of urban infrastructure development in order to meet the standards of district administrative units according to the roadmap for construction investment project of Gia Lam to establish a district by 2020 when it is approved by the city.

By Minh Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum