Tan Binh Industrial Park - Bright Spot to Attract Investment

8:28:16 AM | 4/9/2020

Although the project has been invested for only 5 years, Tan Binh - Binh Duong Industrial Park has achieved unexpected success. Currently, the first phase of the project with an area of 352.5 hectares has been almost filled, so the second phase will be implemented earlier than originally planned.

Tan Binh Industrial Park (TBIP) is invested by Tan Binh Industrial Park Joint Stock Company with a total investment capital of more than 830 billion VND, charter capital is 160 billion VND by 3 founding shareholders, including Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company, Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park Joint Stock Company and other shareholders. Phase 1 of the project has a total area of 352.5 ha located in the area of 2 districts of Bac Tan Uyen and Bau Bang in the north of Binh Duong province.

The company officially came into operation from July 9, 2012 and proceeded to make a total estimate of construction investment - industrial park infrastructure business from September 2013. However, until March 2014, the company officially started construction of main works and items to attract investors to the industrial park. Almost immediately, investors came to the Park.

Up to now, the cumulative total number of investment projects in the Industrial Park is 61 enterprises / 64 projects (33 domestic projects and 31 foreign projects). Of which, there are 52 projects granted investment certificates with a total domestic investment capital of 1,837 billion VND and foreign investment capital of 237.77 million USD.  There are 48 operating projects; 9 projects having factories under construction; and 7 projects not built yet. Cumulatively, the total leased land area from the beginning of the project is 202.63 ha / 244.5 ha (accounting for 82.87% of commercial land). The total number of employees in enterprises operating in TBIP up to now is about more than 7,700 employees, including more than 400 experts and foreign workers.

In order to get favorable investment attraction results, since its establishment up to now, TBIP has always received timely and multi-faceted support from Vietnam Rubber Industry Group, Binh Duong Province, and Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company. In which, 80% of capital is held by Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company under Vietnam Rubber Industry Group, a unit with a lot of experience in management and investment in infrastructure and industrial zones, creating a strong foundation for TBIP.

The other decisive factor is that TBIP has a favorable geographical location, located in the center of the administrative boundary of Binh Duong province, located on a big route with convenient traffic, near seaports, airports, adjacent to other Large industrial zones such as VSIP 2, My Phuoc, Bau Bang. It is only 15 km from the administrative center of Binh Duong province, 51 km from Ho Chi Minh city, 55 km from Tan Son Nhat airport, 35 km from Song Than ICD port. TBIP is located on the DT741 route which seamlessly connects with the inner ring roads, raw material areas from Binh Phuoc and the Central Highlands provinces, especially the abundant source of wood and latex from rubber trees provided by Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company and member companies of Vietnam Rubber Industry Group, which facilitate to attract investment projects specializing in wood such as wood material production, MDF, wooden furniture and products from natural rubber. In parallel, thanks to the lean apparatus, low initial investment costs (due to the investment project on the land bank of Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company), the land rental price in TBIP is quite low compared to the common ground.

TBIP also creates a competitive advantage with its flexible business policy, diversified support services, timely and prompt implementation of land use right certification procedures and good commitment to investors so that investors continue to introduce their partners to TBIP to visit to explore investment opportunities. In fact a lot of contracts have been signed through this channel.

Currently, phase 1 has almost been filled, in 2020, the Company continues to lease out the rest of the area in phase 1 and expand phase 2 of TBIP with a total area of 1055.83 hectares.

Along with the process of attracting investment and building infrastructure, TBIP always focuses on environmental protection, striving to become a green industrial park with sustainable development projects. The centralized wastewater treatment plant of Tan Binh Industrial Park has a capacity of 2,500 m3 day / night operating 24/24 hours, meeting the standard of discharge into the environment. TBIP is also equipped with surveillance and monitoring camera systems to monitor output wastewater for parameters: flow, TSS, pH, COD and color, and transmit data 24 / 24h to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Binh Duong Province. In 2019, TBIP was honored to be awarded the CSI Sustainable Enterprise Certificate.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum