Vietcombank Can Tho Promoting Tradition of Labor Hero Unit

9:26:24 AM | 25/9/2020

Over the past 30 years of development, Vietcombank Can Tho has always been an exemplary bank in thoroughly grasping and implementing the Party's guidelines, the State policies and laws, and contributing an important role in the national innovation and development and local socio-economic development.

More than 30 years ago, on October 1, 1989, Vietcombank marked its presence by establishing the 11th branch in the system in Can Tho city. Over the past 30 years of development, Vietcombank Can Tho Branch has always been an exemplary bank in thoroughly grasping and implementing the Party's guidelines, the State policies and laws, and contributing an important role in the national innovation and development and local socio-economic development. In the Vietcombank system, Can Tho Branch is always one of the outstanding branches with the most effective business operations in the Southwest region.

The period 2015-2020 has seen many unfavorable factors in the economy. The banking industry has focused on directing the restructuring of the system, along with the fierce competition among credit institutions. Also during this period, the Vietcombank system has made many changes in operation strategy, perfected mechanisms and policies, and especially implemented a comprehensive transformation of business activities under the system restructuring project to 2020.

As a heroic unit, Vietcombank Can Tho has managed to overcome difficulties. The achievements are attributed to the efforts of the Branch's Board of Directors in management and administration. The Branch's Board of Directors has firmly directed the comprehensive promotion of all aspects of operations, fostered retail development and individual credit growth; and enhanced the operational efficiency of transaction offices. Such efforts have been productive with great improvement in scale, structure and business efficiency, as well as governance. In the past five years, Vietcombank Can Tho has made impressive growth: capital mobilization has increased by 2.1 times, and credit by 2.5 times; of which retail credit has increased by 5.1 times; profit by 2.6 times; NPL ratio/total outstanding loans has decreased to 0.02%. The average profit per capita that contributed to the general profit of the branch in 2015 was at VND0.3 billion/person/year; by December 31, 2019, it reached VND1.52 billion/person/year, an increase of five times from 2015. The business activities shifted toward increasing the retail proportion, with retail accounting for over 70% of activities; income from services accounted for 25% or more of total income. Since the end of 2017, Vietcombank Can Tho has taken the lead in the market share in Can Tho city in terms of three targets of capital mobilization, credit and profitability, and has maintained this position until now.

In addition to well performing its business tasks, over the past years, Vietcombank Can Tho has paid special attention to social security, always actively participating in charity programs launched by the local government, such as: contributing to the poor children fund, supporting people suffering from natural disasters such as floods, building compassion houses, awarding scholarships to poor and studious students, and funding school construction. In the period 2015-2020, Vietcombank Can Tho directly acted as a focal point for the head office to sponsor social security for Can Tho City and Hau Giang province with the amount of more than VND62 billion.

With its achievements, Vietcombank Can Tho has received many noble titles from the Party and the State such as First Class, Second Class, and Third Class Labor Orders, and the noble Labor Hero title awarded by the State President. In particular, in the period 2015-2020, Can Tho Branch was awarded twice by the Governor of the State Bank with Emulation Flag and Merit; In 2018, it was awarded the Emulation Flag by the Prime Minister and Third Class Labor Order by the State President. In the Vietcombank system, Can Tho Branch was recognized for five consecutive years as a branch having successfully completed its tasks; operating with internal solidarity and unity, having good discipline, compliance with processes and regulations, and receiving no negative feedback or complaints from customers.

Effective business solutions and some experiences in emulation and commendation have been implemented at Can Tho Branch in recent time:

Firstly: Always following the direction of the banking industry, strictly complying with the provisions of law, and Vietcombank's procedures and regulations, applying appropriately within the economic situation of the region and locality, and in accordance with business practice at the branch. The Branch's Board of Directors has been careful in each activity, firm in direction and administration, and flexible in solving problems.

Secondly: Strongly shifting to retail activities, increasing revenue from non-credit activities, maintaining wholesale market share, thereby contributing to increasing profits. Implementing effective retail operation by adopting many solutions such as: Identifying key customers and industries; building marketing policies, customer care for total sale of services; promoting the maximum exploitation of public administrative services to attract customers, increasing mobilized capital; strengthening brand promotion in public places; creating an open transaction place, and using considerate and professional service style; paying special attention to improving the operational efficiency of transaction offices; attaching importance to investing in modern facilities and training a team of professional leaders and sales for transaction offices.

Thirdly: Plannning always ensures feasibility, timeliness and strict supervision; assigning specific responsibilities to each member of the Board of Directors and each head of groups of staff; Sticking to the daily and weekly progress of implementing the plan to take appropriate adjustment measures. Timely removing difficulties is necessary to have the job done quickly and effectively.

Fourthly: In terms of solutions for human resource management, the Branch has exploited the maximum potential of local human resources, arranged the right staff for the job, combined regular training, and updated new knowledge to meet the requirements of daily work.

Fifthly: It is necessary to strengthen the leadership of the Party Committee and Board of Directors in emulation and commendation work. The close and regular leadership and direction of the Party committees and authorities are decisive factors for effective and efficient emulation and commendation work. It is also important to well maintain emulation movements associated with rich and attractive commendation forms and timely reward to have strong effect on each individual and collective; look for ways to arouse the spirit of solidarity; the head of the branch must spread enthusiasm to all employees.

And finally: The coordination and solidarity between the Party Committee, Trade Union, Youth Union in performing professional tasks and in taking care of material life, improving income for employees, is key in creating a professional, equal and fair working environment, with appropriate treatment and commendation for employees' contributions.

Inheriting and promoting the proud tradition of the heroic unit and the core values ​​of the people of Vietcombank, all employees of Can Tho Branch continue their efforts and strive to successfully complete their tasks in the new period. The recent achievements will be a solid foundation for Vietcombank Can Tho to conquer new heights.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum