Gradually Raising Environmental Quality in Industrial Parks

10:17:27 AM | 4/1/2021

Never exchanging environment for economy and following the firm direction of the provincial government, industrial parks in Vinh Phuc province have gradually improved environmental quality. The province has increasingly attracted big domestic and international investors with green projects.

To ensure environmental quality in industrial parks, in addition to further guiding and training officials at all levels in State management of environment and business leaders in processes, procedures and responsibilities of implementing environmental policies, the Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee has decentralized tasks, specified responsibility of each agency; enhanced the quality of environmental inspections, strictly handled violators of environmental laws; and rejected applications for projects with threat of environmental pollution. At the same time, the province has provided favorable conditions for site clearance and arranged locations for construction of waste treatment plants.

Currently, all of the industrial parks in Vinh Phuc province have centralized wastewater treatment systems with a design daily capacity of 18,800 cubic meters. Industrial parks have also set up environmental divisions responsible for operating wastewater treatment systems and closely monitoring waste discharge of tenants. Along with the internal control force, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority regularly coordinates with relevant bodies to review regulations on environmental protection in enterprises and promptly and strictly handles violators and has planted trees on internal roads in industrial parks and required tenants to use at least 10% of the area for trees, water surface and roads.

Based in Binh Xuyen Industrial Park, since its factory construction, Vietnam Germany Steel Pipe Joint Stock Company used certain spaces to plant trees; constantly invested in advanced technologies and modern techniques, and applied Japanese 5S production management program. Currently, the company owns 38 modern production lines powered by advanced European and Japanese automation technologies, especially the most modern hot-dip galvanized steel pipe lines in Vietnam with a pre-plated pipe treatment system and ensured environmental safety in production processes.

To minimize environmental pollution and protect employees' health, Prime Group Joint Stock Company, based in Binh Xuyen Industrial Park, also actively invested in new modern production technology and reformed operating processes toward cleaner production. Prime Group's factories all strictly adhere to the international management system for product quality, as well as occupational health and safety management. Mr. Chaiyaporn Supanya, HR Director of Prime Group Joint Stock Company, said, environmental safety is our first factor. Therefore, all machines meet international standards such as ISO and OHSAS. In the coming time, the company will further invest in modern machines to create environmentally friendly products.

To realize the goal of “green industry” and sustainable development, it is very important to have the participation of the whole community to end violations and launch practical actions to create green areas in industrial parks.

By Hoang Tham, Vietnam Business Forum