TOTO Vietnam Always Connected for Extended Growth

10:31:58 AM | 1/3/2021

Founded in 2002, wholly Japanese-invested TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd, a member of TOTO Japan, is proud to be one of leading manufacturers of high-end sanitary equipment in the world. Coming to Vietnam with the desire to provide products and services loved by the Vietnamese people, TOTO Vietnam is a model FDI firm that upholds sharing and connectivity and is expanding its business development in Hung Yen province.

Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, General Director of TOTO Vietnam (TVN), said, interested by Vietnam’s economic opening and attractive investment policies, TOTO started its presence in the country in 1996 and built the first factory in Thang Long Industrial Park (Dong Anh district, Hanoi) in 2002.

In 2014, realizing favorable geographical factors, human resources, and particularly open support for businesses by the government of Hung Yen province, TOTO Group continued to expand and invest in construction of a new factory in Thang Long II Industrial Park (Yen My commune, My Hao district, Hung Yen). Along with the factory construction, TVN quickly recruited and trained abundant human resources to operate the facility in 2018 and achieved high stability. This is the foundation for TOTO Group to continue to start construction on the fourth factory in February 2020 in Hung Yen, despite the complicated development of of COVID-19 epidemic.

TOTO’s investment fund for Hung Yen province-based projects increased to over US$325 million, which hired 24.419 hectares of land. Once in operation, the project is expected to recruit about 5,000 employees to work in factories in Thang Long II Industrial Park and continue to build a "safe, secure, warm working environment” for all employees.

In the joyful atmosphere at the groundbreaking ceremony of Factory No. 4 in Thang Long Industrial Park II, on behalf of Hung Yen government, Mr. Dang Ngoc Quynh, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, warmly congratulated TOTO Vietnam Viet Co., Ltd and committed to further improve the local business investment environment, focusing on supporting and creating the most favorable conditions for foreign investors in general and TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd. in particular to run stable and efficient business operations. When the project is in stable operation, it will employ a lot of workers, pay handsome tax to the State coffers and actively support socioeconomic development of Hung Yen province in particular and of Vietnam in general.

After 356 days of quick and effortful construction, TVN's Factory No. 4 was completed safely and effectively on schedule. On January 29, 2021, TOTO Vietnam inaugurated the new manufacturing facility. The ceremony took place amid the resurgence of the COVID-19 epidemic in Vietnam, but this did not reduce the joy, pride and confidence that the new factory will create more jobs for local people.

2020 was a tough year due to complicated COVID-19 epidemic developments. TVN strictly followed the Government's regulations, maintained stable production, fully met customer requirements and increasingly built up their confidence in the company. Realizing that domestic revenue would be affected by the epidemic, TVN promptly shifted to increase exports which grew by 120% over 2019 to ensure the fulfilment of revenue target.

In addition to business, TVN continues to promote philanthropic activities, community development, solidarity and compassion in Vietnam. With the “2-3-4” motto for education, each year, TVN plans to build two new schools, visit and award scholarships at three universities and four high schools. In recent years, TVN's corporate social responsibility continues to spread compassion. TVN has built nine schools in remote provinces where children are still facing difficulties such as Son La, Ha Giang, Nghe An, Hoa Binh and Lang Son.

With the spirit of “1,000 people going one step is better than one person going 1,000 steps”, the “day for love” program where every employee gives one carton of milk every month is a cultural feature of TVN and the milk of love is transformed into necessities for orphaned children and disabled children in Hanoi, Hung Yen and other localities.

Without doubt, its early efforts to overcome the COVID-19 epidemic brought success to TVN in 2020, but challenges still lie ahead. TVN employees always unite together to overcome difficulties and take firm steps together towards a bright and sustainable future where TVN is a company that contributes to social development and gains the trust of all people worldwide.”

Source: Vietnam Business Forum