Tax Administration Reform and Modernization

12:38:17 PM | 16/3/2021

In recent years, the business community has sensed and appreciated the companionship of Ninh Thuan's tax industry when it constructed and applied many new and effective management mechanisms. Speaking of this success, Mr. Nguyen Van Dung, Director of Ninh Thuan Tax Department, affirmed: “The tax industry will continue to go with and work with the business community to discuss and solve emerging difficulties and problems. All is for the ultimate goal of reforming administrative procedures and facilitating taxpayers to fulfil tax obligations.”

Successfully overcoming difficulties

Outstanding results of Ninh Thuan's tax industry included the full completion of tasks assigned by the Ministry of Finance and the Provincial People's Council, which was achieved one year ahead of schedule set in the resolution of the 13th Provincial Party Congress (2015-2020 term). In 2020, despite grave impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, the tax industry adopted solutions to produce positive results. State budget revenue structure is more sustainable, with takings from companies rising from just 37% in 1992 to over 68% of total budget revenue.

Its other "plus points" included effective administrative reform that helped stabilize State budget revenue, boosted corporate performance, and enhanced competitiveness of businesses and people. Currently, most tax procedures (including tax registration, tax declaration, tax payment and tax refund) are done electronically with the tax authorities, helping taxpayers significantly reduce time spent on tax declaration and payment, save related costs and keep tax records. Therefore, when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, tax declaration and payment was not affected by social distancing policy. In response to the Government's policy, the tax sector connected and integrated more than 30 tax procedures into the National Public Service Portal ( to give taxpayers more options of tax return and tax payment. Besides, the administrative discipline of civil servants is always upheld and appreciated for the values of "Transparency - Professionalism - Integrity - Innovation” set by the General Department of Taxation.

Building modern, effective, efficient tax industry

Director Nguyen Van Dung added that the industry always strives to improve the business environment and provide people and businesses with practical solutions, highly appreciated by the provincial government. The sector also focuses on informing and disseminating tax policies and laws; supporting taxpayers to deal with emerging difficulties to boost business performances and enhance the competitiveness of taxpayers. Accordingly, Ninh Thuan Tax Department always listens, sympathizes and shares practical policies and dialogues; and maintains reception desks to receive and solve difficulties with tax authorities against enterprises. It intensely inspects and ensures fair fulfillment of tax obligations.

Anticipating opportunities and challenges coming together in the coming period in Vietnam and in the world, the tax industry will continue to innovate to catch up with global development trends and reform, seen as vital to building a modern, effective and efficient tax industry. Therefore, the industry will apply information technology to its operations, gradually strengthen internal management and renovation, and improve staff qualifications and service quality. It will actively take reform measures, bring economic advantages into full play, deploy consistent solutions to overcome difficulties and challenges, effectively implement assigned objectives and tasks; resolutely handle mistakes, ensure discipline; receive and settle complaints and denunciations in a timely manner and in accordance with policies and regimes.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum