Yen Bai Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd - Leading Brand Name in Construction

11:00:27 AM | 7/4/2021

Yen Bai Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd has made steady strides to become a leading consultant of civil, industrial, technical, transport and irrigation construction investment, thus effectively helping local socio-economic development.

Established in 2003, Yen Bai Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd is mainly involved in master planning, detailed planning, regional planning for socio-economic development; civil engineering, transport and irrigation construction projects; technical design of civil and industrial constructions; project consulting and appraisal services, technical design, cost estimation of civil and industrial construction, transportation and irrigation project investment. Since 2016, in addition to consulting and supervision, the company’s business scope has expanded to construction and installation.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Trung, Director of Yen Bai Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd, said, “With the working motto of upholding construction quality and progress, over the past years, the company has boldly invested in upgrading and supplementing equipment for survey, measurement, evaluation, experimentation and designing; applied advanced scientific technology and technical innovations to meet strict requirements of survey, consultation, design, construction and installation. Besides, by helping workers and engineers gain experience and professionalism in investment, consulting and construction design; constantly improving professional qualifications, fostering innovations as well as raising the sense of responsibility for assigned jobs, the company has achieved higher labor productivity, consulting quality, and construction progress."

In 2016-2020, Yen Bai Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd conducted many projects of different scale, mainly traffic, irrigation, civil engineering construction projects. Its typical projects included surveying, designing and constructing extended Pham Van Dong Road in Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province with an investment of VND60 billion; consulting, surveying, designing and constructing the infrastructure in Yen The Industrial Complex in Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province  with an investment of VND51 billion; consulting, surveying and constructing Tu Hieu irrigation works in Luc Yen district to ensure irrigation for 660 ha of agricultural land; consulting, surveying, designing and constructing VND30 billion Khao Mang semi-boarding junior high school for ethnic minorities in Khao Mang commune, Mu Cang Chai district; consulting, surveying, designing and constructing the residential land in Mu Cang Chai town, Mu Cang Chai district - a VND91 billion technical infrastructure investment project; consulting and surveying the adjustment detailed planning for Tram Tau town, Tram Tau district in the 2016-2025 period; consulting, surveying and adjusting detailed planning of Mu Cang Chai town in the 2016-2025 period; consulting, surveying, planning and adjusting the general construction planning of Yen Binh town, Yen Binh district to 2030; and consulting, surveying and making general planning of Lien Son Farm, Van Chan district to 2030. Its partners and customers highly appreciate projects undertaken by the company for construction quality, schedule, architecture, labor safety, and environmental sanitation, thus actively contributing to local socio-economic development.

In addition to business, Yen Bai Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd cares about employees’ livelihoods; applies full employment policies and benefits for employees like salaries, bonuses, health insurance and social insurance. The Party cell (20 Party members affiliated to the City Party Committee), Trade Union, Youth Union, and Women Union are facilitated and motivated for operation and development to ensure the material and spiritual life of employees. At the same time, the company actively carries out social security launched by local agencies and mass organizations such as building a new countryside, helping the poor, delivering relief to people suffering natural disasters and floods, and supporting poor children.

With its ongoing efforts, Yen Bai Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. has become a strong brand name in the market. Director Nguyen Quang Trung emphasized, “In the coming time, the company will maintain, consolidate and focus on intensive investment to enhance competitiveness in consulting, supervision and examination of construction and installation to achieve more and more success.”

Source: Vietnam Business Forum