Binh Dien - Ninh Binh Joint Stock Company: For Sustainable Agriculture

9:14:56 AM | 24/8/2021

Since its inception, Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company, famous for Dau Trau-branded fertilizers, has always been a leader of the fertilizer industry in Vietnam in terms of productivity, quality and efficacy. That leading role and position are partly contributed by Binh Dien - Ninh Binh Joint Stock Company, a member unit of Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company, responsible for production, supply and market development in northern provinces.

Solid foundation

In 2013, after surveying most northern provinces, Ninh Binh province was found to be a potential, advantageous location and have a very active government. Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company thus decided to establish a business entity to scale up its market presence. The company decided to construct the first modern NPK compound fertilizer production factory in the north, located in Khanh Phu Industrial Park, Yen Khanh district, Ninh Binh province, and handed its administration to Binh Dien - Ninh Binh Joint Stock Company. Costing nearly VND500 billion for construction, the factory helps northern farmers reduce product costs, increase crop productivity and foster agricultural development in northern provinces in particular and the whole country as well. After six years of development, Binh Dien - Ninh Binh Joint Stock Company has always received active cooperation and facilitation of local authorities and farmers in Ninh Binh province. That has enabled the Company to keep a high growth rate, become the best member of Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company, and importantly contribute to local socio-economic development, security, and order.

In 2020, the economy and the fertilizer industry, in particular, faced numerous difficulties due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which unpredictably spread across the world. In that setting, the company still strived to maintain its brand reputation and affirmed its trust among farmers. In the year, Binh Dien - Ninh Binh Joint Stock Company manufactured 101,806 tons, sold 92,954 tons, earned total revenue of VND850 billion as planned, and made a profit of VND21 billion, 16% higher than the yearly plan.

To actively respond to challenges, the company proposed and adopted many consistent business solutions and policies for 2021. In the first six months of 2021, the company produced a total of 72,311 tons, sold 74,976 tons, raked in total revenue of VND691 billion, equal to 75% of the 2021 plan, and earned a profit of VND51 billion, or 243% of the full-year plan.

Brand affirmed with quality and technology

The company has affirmed its position and brand name since its inception. Given fierce competition on the fertilizer market, environmentally friendly high-quality products that are safe for crops and result in safe agricultural products for sustainable and effective organic agriculture aligned with environmental protection and good working conditions for farmers are factors of success. Consistent with that goal, the company asserted its brand name, not only being a producer of eco-friendly fertilizers but also a producer of eco-friendly fertilizers towards sustainable development.

As a member of Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company, quality management is strictly monitored according to standards. Dau Trau-branded products, wherever produced, must meet quality. Particularly, Binh Dien - Ninh Binh NPK fertilizer factory also established its own Quality Management Department that works with other departments to synchronously build a product quality management system applied to Dau Trau-branded fertilizers. Before entering the facility, inputs must go through a strict monitoring system to ensure input quality. Before going to the market, finished products are also checked and stored for best quality. Each production stage is also strictly controlled for quality, making all Dau Trau fertilizers meet Vietnamese and international standards.

The company’s main products include Golden Dau Trau 46A+, Dau Trau L1, Dau Trau L2, Dau Trau Growth Booster, Dau Trau Fruit Booster and NPK 13-13-13+TE fertilizers. In business, the leadership and the staff of the company always listen to customers' feedback, research and gain experience for better products. Additives such as Chitosal and Organic Nano not only make fertilizer particles loose and porous, but also increase the effect of fertilizers on plants and soil.

Mr. Le Tuan Dung, Director of Binh Dien - Ninh Binh Joint Stock Company, said the Binh Dien - Ninh Binh NPK Factory is installed with a modern UREA liquefied equipment and machinery system, imported from foreign countries, to produce nutrient-rich NPK fertilizers. Powered by automation equipment and electrical equipment, imported from Schneider (Germany), and dust settling treatment technology, the factory will minimize dust dispersed into the environment.

When the awareness of environmental protection is increasing, business role will become stronger and clearer. In addition to traditional products, Binh Dien - Ninh Binh Joint Stock Company will continue to cooperate with scientists in Vietnam and around the world to research, test and apply technological progress such as Nano, Biology and Amino in order to increase crop yield, improve soil, reduce environmental pollution and foster smart, safe and environmentally friendly agricultural production. In particular, the active application of solutions to environmental protection is also a practical contribution to the community during the past time, which is a testament to the company’s strong commitment to socially sustainable development.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum