Dong Thap Province: Potentials and Advantages

9:58:40 AM | 27/9/2005

VIB Forum reporter interviewed Mr Truong Ngoc Han, Chairman of Dong Thap People’s Committee on the achievements and objectives of this Mekong Delta province.
Will you please introduce the achievements of the province in the 2001-2005 period?
Dong Thap’s most important achievement in the past five years was to stop the decline and start the year-on-year increase in our economic growth : 5.04 per cent in 2001, 6.99 per cent in 2002, 9.27 per cent in 2003, 10.98 per cent in 2004, and 12.03 per cent estimated in 2005. By 2005, the economy was 1.58 times that of 2000. The economic structure is changing in favour of industry and services from 40.44 per cent in 2000 to 42.83 per cent in 2005.
Progress has been recorded in various sectors. Annual rice output is 2 million tonnes. In five years, pigs increased 1.63 times, cows 8 times, aquatic production 2,26 times. The industry continues to record high growth rates with three industrial zones (Sa Dec, Tran Quoc Toan and Song Hau) and 16 handicraft centres. VND11,085 billion has been mobilised for development investment with an average of 26.02 per cent a year. On average, 35,000 jobs are created each year.
How have you proceeded with administrative reform?
The province has focused on administrative reform. Preferential treatment is based on related laws and local conditions. A ‘one-stop shop’ mechanism is applied in all districts and communes. Administrative formalities have been simplified at all levels. Staff have been upgraded and are more professional.
What are the objectives in 2006-2010 and how do you hope to achieve them ?
The objectives of the province in 2006-2010 include GDP growth rate of 14.5 per cent a year, per capita income of US$750 and export value of US$400 in 2010. They are the highest objectives so far. To achieve those objectives, the province will make the best use of its potentials, attract maximum outside resources and develop all economic sectors in business activities. The province will increase the training of human resources, mobilise more resources for development, promote investment and trade, develop industry and urban areas, and maintain the balanced development of all sectors and branches.
Before making investments, foreign investors often wish to talk with the chairman on opportunities and constraints, are you ready to meet with them?
I myself and all responsible officials of the province are ready to meet with potential investors. Dong Thap will facilitate investors for our mutual interests.