Truong Son Coal Production Aligned with Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development

8:49:00 AM | 14/6/2022

Being safe for users, friendly to the environment and having green input materials are gradually becoming the first choices among sustainable construction trends. Grasping this tendency, Truong Son Coal Co., Ltd has invested in modern technology and equipment to create high-quality but cheap unburnt construction materials to reach more customers.

In particular, the company's products are also made from slag and coal dust, helping protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

Asserting the brand name

Established in 2016, Truong Son Coal Company is a multi-business firm, which primarily trades coal and manufactures unburnt building materials. For many years, the company has been successful with the "circular business" model, which aims to supply fossil fuel to coal-fired plants and collect coal slag from factories to make unburnt materials for construction, transportation and irrigation in the country and for export.

After nearly six years of construction and development, the company has always strived to build brand reputation with customers. It has taken the lead in production equipment and machinery investment to make best products and actively support reducing pollution and protecting the environment.

On January 20, 2020, Truong Son Coal was handed Decision 150/QD-UBND by Hau Giang Provincial People's Committee, allowing it to carry out the "Coal storage facility and unburnt building material factory" project in Phu Huu A Industrial Complex - Phase 1 (Mai Dam town, Chau Thanh district). Costing VND1,500 billion for construction and covering a campus of over 136,000 square meters, the project has a designed capacity of 3 million tons of products a year (1 million tons of coal, 2 million tons of unburnt building materials).

After the investment license was granted, the company promptly started it. By the end of March 2022, the first phase investment was completed, with the infrastructure ready for coal business. The second phase investment was involved in building an unburnt material factory. The company signed a contract to import an unburnt material production line capable of manufacturing over 100 million products a year with Poyatos of Spain. The facility is expected to be inaugurated and put into operation in the third quarter of 2023.

Simultaneously, the company also deployed inland terminals at the project to receive big vessels. The completed and operational projects not only bring economic efficiency but also create jobs for many local workers, helping ensure social security.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Truong, Director of Truong Son Coal Company, said, after hard early days, Truong Son Coal has gradually affirmed its brand name in the market and gained customer trust and satisfaction. Especially, given impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic and mandatory social distancing measures, completing the first phase investment and infrastructure for business is a great success.

In addition to its effort, solidarity and unity of the leadership and the staff to live through twists and turns, the support of the Hau Giang Provincial People's Committee and local authorities for Truong Son Coal in implementing the project, ensuring progress, protecting the environment is critical. At the same time, the province applies all preferential policies on corporate income tax, import tax, land rent exemption and reduction.

Towards sustainable development

The Prime Minister's Decision 567 dated April 28, 2010 and Decision 2171 dated December 23, 2021 on ratification of Vietnam unburnt materials development program to 2030 encourage all economic sectors to invest in manufacturing and trading unburnt materials to replace baked clay bricks to spare agricultural soil, hence helping ensure national food security, ease greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution, reduce waste treatment costs, save fuel coal and finally benefit the entire society.

Responding to this policy, the Hau Giang Provincial People's Committee worked out a specific roadmap for use of unburnt building materials (advanced building materials), and at the same time called on businesses to produce unburnt construction materials. Truong Son Coal is one of pioneers in the province to follow this roadmap.

The project, when completed, will help collect and treat coal slag and fly ash from industrial production factories, coal-fired thermal power plants in Hau Giang and neighboring provinces. It will also help protect the environment, ease waste treatment pressures and increase local budgetary revenue.

The investor uses modern technology, featuring a closed automatic coal crushing equipment system, to make high-quality products and meet requirements of high-tech factories. The scale and continuity of the project have proved the company's long-term strategic vision and its commitment to sustainable development in the locality.

Information about the company and its projects:

In particular, on April 22, 2022, the project was approved by the Hau Giang Provincial People's Committee of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report. Accordingly, all factors such as main environmental impacts, size and nature of wastewater, scale and nature of dust and exhaust gas, wastewater collection and treatment meet standards. This is the basis for the project to scale up more strongly in the coming time.

Regarding its development approach, the company will strive further to become a leading multi-business group in Vietnam; successfully make high-quality products; further improve life quality of Vietnamese people and elevate the position of Vietnamese goods in the international market.

“We will make ongoing efforts to bring best products to consumers and link partners together for sustainable development. At the same time, we will provide a safe workplace for all stakeholders, neighborhoods and ensure community responsibility and environmental friendliness. These are also core values and guidelines in all operations of Truong Son Coal," Director Truong noted.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum