Ninh Thuan Destination of Unique Experiences

12:26:32 PM | 28/6/2022

If Da Lat is poetry-like and Nha Trang is music-like, Ninh Thuan is like a colorful painting. Natural uniqueness makes Ninh Thuan a destination for unique experiences of tourists.

Most unique sandy, grassy region in Southeast Asia

Lying in the Southern Central Coast, Ninh Thuan province is part of the national tourist triangle of Da Lat - Nha Trang - Phan Rang where it is typically sunny and little rainy and sheltered from devastating storms, making geographers liken it to the "most unique sandy, grassy place in Southeast Asia". This sunny, windy land is different from other tourist destinations in the South Central region. This promising area is planned to be developed to reach global and regional levels in the coming time. Associate Professor, PhD Pham Trung Luong once said that the difference gives Ninh Thuan a competitive advantage over other domestic and international destinations. In recent years, Ninh Thuan has been strongly developed to become an attractive and preferred tourist destination of domestic and international visitors.

On March 28, 2018, the Provincial People's Committee issued Decision 25/2018/QD-UBND on regulations on Ninh Thuan high-class tourism development. Then, the province has attracted many large tourism projects. Up to now, the province has 57 tourism service projects with a total registered capital of over VND29,686 billion, including 19 operational projects with VND3,180 billion. The system of tourist accommodation establishments continues to be developed, with 3-star or higher-grade rooms accounting for over 50%. The image of Ninh Thuan tourism and tourist attractions has been known and voted by tourists to be a place of choice on the "World Tourism Map".

In 2020, the Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee included the marine economy into its investment and development plans. Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, added, "Recognizing the strength of much-sunny and little-rainy land, Ninh Thuan is carrying out consistent solutions to become an important tourist destination in the Central Coast and the Central Highlands. While taking tourism as a spearhead economic sector and creating a driving force to promote socioeconomic development, the province is accelerating tourism promotion, preserving historical values and specific culture and nature to attract tourists and increase income for people."

Bright spots on the South Central tourism picture

In the past time, despite being hugely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, determined to make tourism a spearhead economic sector by 2025 and a strong and sustainable spearhead economic sector by 2030 as per Resolution 04-NQ/TU, the province has gradually built and developed tourism products, with priority given to development of four special products, four novel products and four complementary products.

In the past 30 years, in line with the renovation process of Ninh Thuan province, the tourism sector has strongly developed to unlock local potential and polished the image of Ninh Thuan unique tourism to create strong impressions on domestic and foreign tourists. 2022 is an important year as the province is carrying out targets of the resolution of the 14th Ninh Thuan Provincial Party Congress and the 5-year socioeconomic development plan (2021-2025). Mr. Tran Quoc Nam, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, emphasized "With the goal of building Ninh Thuan into a friendly and attractive destination for investors and going with enterprises, the province will always support tourism companies to deal with difficulties and obstacles and focus on further improving the investment environment to help them obtain the highest profitability.”

In addition, the province has introduced many preferential policies on land, simplified administrative procedures, provided favorable conditions for businesses and investors; strongly developed technical infrastructure of telecommunications, electricity, information technology and digital transformation for smart tourism industry.

Starting to develop tourism later than many other localities though, the province has made spectacular development. According to experts, trumps are big projects that make Ninh Thuan a bright spot in the picture of South Central tourism. It is not surprising that the sunny, windy land is becoming a tourism hub of the country and in Asia in the future. “We are willing to welcome and accompany domestic and foreign tourism businesses and tourism property investors. Coming to Ninh Thuan to make investment, enjoy experiences, visit resorts and inhale the fresh air in many poetic natural landscapes, they will soon realize that Ninh Thuan is really a reliable, safe, friendly destination with many new development opportunities," he said.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum