Gradually Modernizing and Digitizing Tax Administration

9:29:27 AM | 9/8/2022

By accelerating information technology (IT) application and reforming tax declaration, payment and refund in the electronic environment, the Tax Department of Can Tho City is gradually digitizing tax administration to accomplish State budget collection tasks, especially during the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Cap Quy Phuc, Director of Can Tho Tax Department, said that 2022 will witness accelerated completion of targets and goals stated in the resolution of the 14th Can Tho City Party Congress (the 2020-2025 term). Therefore, the implementation of budgetary estimations in 2022 is of great significance, ensuring the achievement of socio-economic tasks in the year.

To collect VND10,617 billion as planned, right in December 2021, the Tax Department assigned tasks to tax offices to promptly work out budgetary revenue plans. In the first five months of the year, the sector raked in VND4,851 billion, fulfilling 45.7% of the task set by the Ministry of Finance, higher than the overall progress.

Not only fulfilling the State budget tasks well, but the department also has launched many timely business and taxpayer support solutions to remove difficulties and ensure social security: Strengthening communications, timely business support policies and dialogues to seek solutions to existing difficulties and problems.

In particular, to facilitate people and businesses, the city's tax sector has stepped up administrative procedure reforms, maintained electronic tax declaration, payment, refund, and invoice services, and ensured 24/7 operations of the information technology system.

The percentage of the companies administered by the department that used e-invoices was more than 44.33% as of early 2022. The department worked out an e-invoice application plan and prepared infrastructure and information technology to enable the e-invoicing.

Regarding administrative procedure reforms, the department publicly lists 166 administrative procedures within its jurisdiction at its office. Its subordinate units publicly list 124 administrative procedures within their jurisdiction at their offices. All of these procedures are publicly posted on the website of the department. Besides, the department has cooperated with the Department of Planning and Investment to issue tax codes automatically to enterprises on their interconnected information exchange system. All processes are done online and the results are returned in line with the law.

In the coming time, the Can Tho Tax Department will strive to enable 100% of active businesses to declare tax online, over 95% of them to pay tax electronically, and over 95% of them to claim VAT refunds online.

To realize this goal, the department will continue to bolster taxpayer support with IT applications, review administrative procedures, update new effective tax policies and promptly support taxpayers to deal with emerging problems. Furthermore, the agency will boost communications and assist taxpayers to switch to electronic payment, aiming for all business households to pay taxes electronically.

In addition, the department will complete and expand the scope of taxpayers and electronic tax declarations (such as personal and vehicle registration) to facilitate taxpayers to fulfill their duties. It will strengthen discipline, teach ethical virtues, and improve the responsibility and professional capacity of tax employees to undertake their tasks.

"As a result, the tax sector not only fulfills its budgetary collection tasks well, but also helps raise the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) and entice investment flows,” said Director Cap Quy Phuc.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum