An Giang Strives for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

11:25:39 AM | 18/8/2022

With the determination, unity and endeavor of the whole political system, people and businesses, An Giang province has strived to become a comprehensively developed, modern, civilized, ecological and sustainable province bearing the cultural identity of the Mekong Delta with its rivers and canals, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Chairman of An Giang Provincial People's Committee, said in an interview granted to our reporters. Quoc Hung reports.

The year 2022 marks an important milestone for An Giang province when it celebrates its 190th founding anniversary. Could you please tell us about outstanding socioeconomic development achievements of the province?

Its long development history is always associated with agricultural production. When our country initiated the doi moi (renovation) period in 1986, agricultural strengths began to be brought into full play and the province proved that its strengths lay in agriculture. Accordingly, An Giang province heavily focused its investment resources for agricultural infrastructure, especially irrigation, to create an interlaced network of canals for agricultural production. As a result, its rice production was continuously expanded and its quality continued to be improved to ensure national food security, meet market needs, and agricultural exports helped raise its overall export performance. To date, annual rice output exceeded 4.1 million tons, of which 518,400 tons was exported for US$281.1 million.

In addition, An Giang province focused resources on infrastructure investment, created available land fund and called for investment fund for high-tech agriculture, trade, service and tourism to accelerate construction of Tinh Bien, Khanh Binh and Vinh Xuong border-gate economic zones; invested in industrial and transport infrastructure development and in urban development. Since then, its economic performance has remained stable. Its annualized growth GRDP growth was 10.18% in 2006-2010 and 7.3% in 2001-2020.

The province reaffirmed that agriculture is foundational for economic growth and development, a key economic sector; trade and services are well developed; the quality of human resources is improved; and social security and welfare is guaranteed and gradually improved. Traditional cultural values of ethnic minorities are preserved and promoted. National defense is consolidated. Political stability and security is guaranteed.

To promote its achievements, what are socioeconomic development orientations and goals that the province sets for the coming time?

By assessing its current socioeconomic performance, aligning it with national development orientations and forecasting world trends, An Giang province adopts a development perspective suitable to local specificity, spatial arrangement and resource allocation for socioeconomic activities in line with the national planning and the master plan of the Mekong Delta towards sustainable development goals built on three pillars: Economy, society and environment.

An Giang strives to become a comprehensively developed, modern, civilized, ecological, sustainable province imbued with cultural identity of the Mekong Delta where rivers and canals are closely associated with human life, have a high level of development relative to the whole country; improve people's high life quality; and become an attractive destination for people and tourists from all over the country.

To achieve its goals, what solutions has An Giang province taken?

Regarding economic growth, An Giang province targets stable GRDP growth, economic restructuring towards industrialization and modernization and gradually increased share of the service sector. In particular, the province has enticed investment inflows and sped up new countryside construction, urbanization, tourism development and digital economy.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc attends the groundbreaking ceremony of the project of the Interconnecting Road to NH91 and Long Xuyen City Bypass

Regarding social development, the province continues to stabilize population growth, focus on improving education and health infrastructure and training high-quality human resources; reduce poverty; strengthen information technology application.

Regarding environmental protection, An Giang continues to maintain forest coverage rate; ensure clean and hygienic water sources for people; enhance waste treatment and strictly control environmental pollution in production and business; and proactively respond to climate change, saltwater intrusion and environmental problems.

Given business importance, how has An Giang endeavored to accompany businesses in the past time?

Following the Government's policy, An Giang province has effectively adopted COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control measures and facilitated business recovery and development.

To completely address difficulties and obstacles in investment, production and business operations of enterprises, cooperatives and business households, An Giang province regularly organizes "business dialogue conferences" on construction, tax, credit, labor, salary, insurance, transportation, trade, services, health, finance and agriculture to help them revive business operations. With these efforts, An Giang province's economy grew 2.15% in 2021 in the context of extreme difficulties due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Without doubt, correct and timely policies of the government and drastic action of the province facilitated economic recovery, development and growth where businesses and investors are very important actors for this growth.

What message do you continue to send to businesses and investors?

An Giang province is committed to facilitating business operations and business development, always accompanying and sharing with businesses in all conditions and circumstances as it wants to side with them to restore production, adapt flexibly and safely to the COVID-19 pandemic and create a favorable environment for them to boost production and business activities.

Leaders of An Giang province will work with other relevant agencies and localities to further reforms, actively adapt, and act more decisively and effectively for “Unity, discipline, active adaptivity, safety, recovery and development” advocated by the Government. Particularly, agency leaders uphold the sense of responsibility, listen to and promptly remove difficulties for businesses and people, and give top priority to public and business service.

Every public employee of An Giang province thoroughly grasps strong changes in awareness and action when performing official duties, shifted from “administration” mindset to the “companion” and “service” mindset, changes in information access and processing, creative changes in thinking and action, to ensure effect in each stage and each task. They are connected to better support each other at work.

As for the business community, An Giang hopes that businesses and investors will continue to adhere to socioeconomic development orientations, investment attraction and business development policies, and take part in investment projects where the province is seeking funds to unlock potential for development cooperation. This is also the message of the upcoming investment promotion conference.

Thank you very much!

Source: Vietnam Business Forum