Vinh Phuc Aggressively Clearing Business Difficulties

11:23:08 AM | 20/12/2022

Vinh Phuc's economic growth in 2022 reached the highest level since 2014, higher than the national average. Vinh Phuc is among the top 10 highest growth localities in the country. One of the reasons for this success is that the provincial government has aggressively assisted businesses to remove difficulties and supported the development of a more open investment environment.

Vinh Phuc was in the top 10 of PCI rankings in 2021, with 69.69/100 points, up 24 places, ranking 5th in the country thanks to its efforts in attracting investment, reforming administrative procedures and focusing on implementing solutions to promptly solve problems for businesses.

Leaders of Vinh Phuc province emphasized that in 2021, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 caused great difficulties for businesses. To implement the Prime Minister's direction in both fighting the pandemic and promoting socio-economic development, the provincial authorities immediately established a special assisting group tasked with advising and connecting information quickly to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. Accordingly, all information, difficulties and problems from anti-pandemic efforts to broken connection chains or problems in import and export procedures, entry procedures for foreigners, tax procedures and administrative procedures, were passed through this group to directly inform the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.

The establishment of a business assisting group at the right time has created very favorable conditions for accessing information. The  provincial authorities understand what businesses need and what problems they are facing.

Leaders of Vinh Phuc province shared that maintaining and creating a truly open investment environment was important. According to the report by the Provincial People's Committee, from the beginning of the year until now, the Provincial People's Committee has held dozens of working sessions and dialogues to remove difficulties for businesses. The "Business Coffee" program has held 31 business meetings, received feedback, resolved 281 proposals and recommendations of businesses; directly contacted and worked with 139 enterprises; and created maximum conditions for 335 enterprises facing difficulties.

The supporting forms are flexible, including establishment of a business support team on Zalo of the Department of Planning and Investment. So far, other departments, agencies and sectors have provided 115 documents for businesses, answered 75,000 emails, received more than 1,700 questions, and exchanged 17,000 messages with businesses and investors about COVID-19 containment, COVID-19 vaccination plan, labor situation, and changes in personal tax code.

Vinh Phuc also introduced 16 investment cooperation and connection programs between DDI enterprises and FDI enterprises. Particularly, the Department of Investment Promotion and Support for Japanese Enterprises in Vinh Phuc since the beginning of the year has received and answered 24 complaints and recommendations of Japanese enterprises; conducted connections for 23 Japanese enterprises to explore opportunities for economic cooperation and exchange.

In particular, Vinh Phuc has implemented the Government's Resolution 115 on solutions to promote the development of supporting industries. Vinh Phuc has also advocated strengthening linkages, cooperation and support between domestic and FDI enterprises, creating conditions for domestic enterprises to gradually approach advanced technology, deeply participate in the value chain, form and attract many supporting industry enterprises. In which, there are over 40 enterprises in supporting industries for the production and assembly of cars and motorcycles. There are over 100 projects in the electronics and informatics industries.

Many enterprises such as Thuan An Industrial Investment Joint Stock Company, Cosmos Technology Co., Ltd., Me Tran Binh Xuyen Electric Co., Ltd; SSP Molding Co., Ltd., Thanh Thang Co., Ltd., Tung Lam Vinh Phuc Co., Ltd., Lam Vien Co., Ltd have continued to operate stably and effectively even during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the fact that they had created connections to regularly supply a number of products for FDI enterprises in the  manufacturing and mechanical engineering.

In the coming time, Vinh Phuc will continue to innovate and improve the quality and effectiveness of activities to support and connect businesses; promptly solve difficulties and problems for businesses by maintaining the operation of the program "Business Coffee", the assisting group of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; Japan Desk, Business Association of Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand.

By Huong Hau, Vietnam Business Forum

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