Spring Discovery of Cam Mountain

3:09:06 PM | 10/2/2023

Scenic Seven Mountains in An Giang province is widely known for curious folklore anecdotes and legends told for centuries.

The Hand of Buddha in An Hao Solar Power Tourist Area at the foot of Cam Mountain

A lot of myths and legends about the Hand of Buddha, the fairy yard, the fairy grave, the fairy footsteps, the fairy well (also known as the Magic Eye of Rock), rock statues and shoe-shaped footprints. Strangely, those stories are still told a lot now.

More thrillingly, there are legends about treasures in the heart of Cam Mountain, stories about Lord Nguyen Anh setting foot in Thien Cam Son, legends about cobra snakes, Vo Chu Thien, Vo Bo Hong, Vo Hoi, Dien Ngoc Hoang, Ong To - Ba Nguyet Palace, Rock Chess Board, Rock Knife and other artefacts signal the existence and presence of the supernature from the beginning of the world.

Tourists flock to Cam Mountain

Sacred Cam Mountain

A very different definition of fairy world

The coincidence of nature or some supernatural wills creates many shapes like human footprints in Cam Mountain. From their giant sizes, imaginative people have thought of alien footprints.

Experts explore "fairy footprints" on Co To Mountain. According to local residents, it has been for centuries.

Going to Cam Mountain and Co To Mountain to witness awesome vestiges really gives visitors a very interesting feeling. Facing the incredible coincidence of nature, it is thought that these must have been made by supernatural forces. Many tourists even try to put their feet into footprints that are called "fairy footprints" and pray for the good to themselves and their families.

Besides fairy footprints, pilgrims also hear about “fairy wells” in the Seven Mountains. Particularly, the five fairy wells on the top of Ngu Ho Son (Dai Nam Gieng Mountain) are unique.

It is said that the water in these wells never sinks no matter how dry the mountain is

Legend has it that there are many festivals for gods in Thien Cam Son every year, every spring. They relax, sing, drink and play chess. Today, rock chessboards are still there. And, also according to legend, gods only need one step to move from one mountain to another. This explains why the footprint on Cam Mountain is left while that on Co To Mountain is right.

The footprint

Nowadays, on every Tet holiday, the road to Cam Mountain is always crowded with pilgrims. Traffic to Cam Mountain was upgraded and Cam Mountain cable car system was built but outnumbered visitors sometimes cause overloading, especially from the end of 2022. The number of visitors to the scenery has increased dramatically.

The buffet at Cam Mountain Cable Car is open from the 20th to 29th days of the first lunar month. This is said to continue the ancient food festival in Thien Cam Son Mountain

According to folk concepts, visiting Cam Mountain at the beginning of the year is to touch the "legacies" of the supernature, to pray for peace, to enjoy the peaceful natural scenery. What’s more, at present, visitors also have the opportunity to live in the festive atmosphere and enjoy the culinary culture, with the buffet at the Cam Mountain Cable Car considered an interesting, cosy and colorful meal by tourists.

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