Lang Son Province Establishes Small and Medium-sized Enterprises' Association

2:21:17 PM | 21/11/2005

The People’s Committee of Lang Son province recently decided to set up a small and medium-sized enterprises’ association to promote trade and economic co-operation and exchange among local enterprises and associations and enterprises in other provinces and cities.
With a rapid increase in the number of enterprises and increased demand for co-operation of local enterprises, the formation of an organisation, representing the local enterprises’ community has become necessary. In the short term, the association will act as the representative of local enterprises to make proposals on mechanism and policies to the provincial People’s Committee; organise forums, dialogues between enterprises, workers and local authorised agencies to exchange information about production, business and investment. In particular, the association will carry out promotion activities to help local enterprises build up their prestige and reputation. It will help local enterprises build up their trademarks and provide business and investment support services.
To facilitate its activities and management, the association has divided its organisation into three groups with enterprises specialising in services, production and trade activities.
Lang Son province currently has around 500 enterprises, over 250 co-operatives, hundreds of farms and over 4,000 groups and complexes, which have generated jobs for thousands of workers in Lang Son and localities nearby. In 2005, the State-owned sector contributes 31.24 per cent of the province’s GDP. The figure is put at 68.1 per cent for the private sector and 0.66 for the foreign-invested sector. This proves that the local business community is making a significant contribution to the province’s economic development.

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