Hue-S: Imprints in Digital Transformation

10:17:53 AM | 16/2/2024

Thua Thien Hue is one of pioneering localities in announcing and strongly implementing the Digital Transformation Program. Hue-S application platform is an outstanding outcome of Thua Thien Hue province in building e-government and launching digital transformation. The application is registered by a large number of users.

Speeding up digital transformation

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son, Director of the Department of Information and Communications, Thua Thien Hue province, said: Currently, the province is focusing on developing digital government and promoting digital economy and digital society; enhancing the effectiveness of digital transformation to improve the capacity of the State administrative apparatus, the quality of services to people and businesses, raise the competitiveness indices and strongly upgrade the investment and business environment.

Thua Thien Hue province chose an appropriate model - smart services and the Hue-S platform, supported by provincial leaders, businesses and people. The Hue -S platform has so far attracted 10 companies to integrate more than 15 digital services and had 800,000 downloads. On average, a user uses 35 minutes a day, totaling over 17 million visits since 2017. Hue-S is an outstanding result of Thua Thien Hue province in building e-government and carrying out digital transformation.

Regarding digital government, all governmental agencies are connected to the specialized network infrastructure of the Government and all governmental agencies in the province maintain and use the province's document management and administration system and public service emails for their operations. 100% of documents of governmental agencies in the province are exchanged electronically (except confidential documents) and signed with digital signatures.  All data-sharing applications are connected and used via the Local Government Service Platform (LGSP) and 48% (11/23) of data services are available on the National Data Exchange Platform (NDXP), officially available for use in the province.

The province completely upgraded the Provincial Public Service Portal to match the criteria of the Ministry of Information and Communications. It completely integrated online public services on the Hue-S platform. All online public services are already integrated for users to activate them right on Hue-S application. Specifically, public service accounts are 100% standardized with electronic identification accounts (citizens only need to use a single account for different platforms); electronic payment accounts are integrated with the e-wallet on the Hue-S application and with businesses.

Regarding the digital economy, with the successful e-wallet integration, Hue-S has helped promote the digital economy by providing seamless payment solutions. To date, over 72,300 accounts have successfully registered for e-wallet and 694 payment acceptance points of Hue-S have been opened. In 2023, the Department of Information and Communications also launched activities to promote noncash payments such as cashless streets and QR payments at business locations. The department integrated e-commerce platforms on Hue-S to support companies and agricultural households to improve their production/business performance while helping promote local products. The department also continued to coordinate with other departments to implement programs to foster digital platforms for businesses.

Regarding digital society, the department implemented a program to activate digital accounts on the electronic identification application (VNeID) for people. All people use just one account for different digital platforms like VNeID, Hue-S, Online Public Service and for working with State agencies.

The department coordinated with five digital signature providers to deploy a registration platform to enable digital signatures on Hue-S and integrate digital signatures on the province's public service portal. Therefore, people can actively register for digital signatures right on Hue-S, linked to businesses. To date, nearly 12,000 digital signatures have been registered and granted online to people on Hue-S.

The Department of Information and Communications worked with Bureau C06 - Ministry of Public Security to digitalize addresses, integrated with household address digitization with demographic information authentication, additionally digitized digital infrastructure data related to households and individuals and provide digital services on a standardized digital address platform (My Home App on Hue-S).

Aligning digital transformation with enhancing competitiveness

Currently, the Department of Information and Communications is advising the Provincial People's Committee on solutions to improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), aligned with information technology application and digital transformation. In particular, the department provided investment information and administrative procedures in the online environment to improve the business environment, attract investors and create the best conditions for businesses and investors.

The department updated and posted information to support and facilitate businesses to access, mine and search for investment information on the Provincial External Information Portal, the Provincial Electronic Information Portal and the Hue-S platform. At the same time, the agency boosted communications on applications and information channels for investors to access without effort. The department sped up digital transformation in companies: Supporting digital signature authentication costs for newly established companies; supporting solutions on standards, technical regulations, management systems, productivity and quality improvement tools and product traceability.

The Department of Information and Communications of Thua Thien Hue province advised the Provincial People's Committee to approve the Digital Transformation Program to 2025 and further to 2030, with the goal of perfecting the digital government and digital society. Smart cities will become a popular model in operating State and social management system. Digital economy will become a core method to promote socioeconomic development.

In the coming time, Thua Thien Hue province will continue to focus investment resources for upgrading IT infrastructure, give priority to digital transformation in potential areas like health, culture, education, science and technology, tourism and agriculture; accelerate information technology application to enhance work performance; train and raise awareness and skills for employees; guide and popularize digital skills for people.

Additionally, the department will strengthen communication solutions to raise public awareness in accessing and effectively using smart urban services; quickly promote digital transformation towards building digital government, soon upgrade synchronous infrastructure, ensure effective operation of services, with a focus on developing digital infrastructure for digital government, digital economy and digital society. It actively coordinated with the Ministry of Information and Communications and companies to link and integrate announced national digital platforms to upgrade the Hue-S platform to comprehensively provide digital services of governmental agencies for businesses and people.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum