Da Nang Launches Tree Planting Campaign, Environmental Protection

11:04:57 AM | 7/3/2024

The Da Nang City People's Committee recently launched the environmental protection movement and the Tree Planting Festival on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2024. The event witnessed the participation of approximately 1,500 public employees, military personnel, youth union members, residents and tourists.

Delegates at the launching ceremony of the environmental protection movement in Da Nang City in 2024

Speaking at the program, Vice Chairman of the Da Nang City People's Committee Tran Chi Cuong said that Da Nang City has been honored to receive many environmental titles and awards in the past many years. Especially, the city led 63 provinces and cities in the Environmental Protection Index in two consecutive years. However, the city still faced numerous challenges in balancing socioeconomic development with environmental protection and nature conservation in the context of climate change, epidemics and unpredictable natural disasters.

To maintain its achievements and create breakthroughs in the “Building Da Nang - an Environmental City” Project, the city launched the Environmental Protection Movement with many diverse activities to raise the awareness of environmental protection for the public, the business community and tourists who love Da Nang City.

“The city chose Son Tra Peninsula Nature Reserve as the location for the meaningful event today. This place has a rich and diverse forest ecosystem, dubbed as a “natural treasure”, a “green lung” and a “shield against winds and storms” of the city. At the same time, the city kicked off the Tree Planting Festival to celebrate the Year of the Dragon 2024 and carry out forest management, protection and development tasks and solutions; effectively deployed the “One billion green trees” project and the “Building Da Nang - an environmental city” project consistent with the city's General Planning to 2030, with a vision to 2050; and strived to become a large, ecological, smart, unique, and sustainable city,” said Cuong.

Cuong called on each agency, unit and citizen to truly be positive and exemplary factors in protecting the environment and upholding their responsibility with practical actions.

In particular, they need to focus on quickly and promptly solving emerging environmental problems in each locality and residential area; strictly manage the environment in industrial parks and within each enterprise; classify and collect waste at source; and apply advanced solutions and technologies to waste recycling and treatment.

At the same time, they should use resources economically in daily activities, use environmentally friendly transportation; actively participate in tree planting, afforestation, Green - Clean - Beautiful Sunday movements and environmentally friendly residential areas.

“I truly believe that, with the support of authorities at all levels, the coordination of all departments and agencies, the support of partners and organizations and the resolve of all of us, Da Nang will make more environmental achievements in the coming time. Let's join and spread the Environmental Protection Movement from today,” Vice Chairman Cuong expressed.

Immediately after the launching ceremony, public employees, military personnel, militia, youth union members, people and tourists planted 300 trees in the park along Suoi Da ditch (Tho Quang ward), 1,000 coconut trees and 2,000 willow trees on the beach along Hoang Sa - Vo Nguyen Giap - Truong Sa Road and Nguyen Tat Thanh Road to protect the coast, create green space and beach landscape for people and tourists. In addition, Son Tra district encouraged people to plant 1,500 trees to beautify landscape, environment, and green living space in residential areas.

On this occasion, the Da Nang Sports Bicycle Club and the Da Nang Sports Motorcycle Club paraded more than 40km, starting from the intersection at Le Van Luong - Tran Nguyen Han streets and passing through urban streets to spread environmental protection messages.

Public employees, military personnel, businesses and residents also simultaneously started planting trees in districts, industrial parks, high-tech parks and companies throughout the city on February 24. This movement will be continued throughout 2024, with peak times being Saturdays and Sundays in February and March.

By Dau Viet Tam, Vietnam Business Forum