Hai Phong strives to Lead in Digital Transformation

8:42:24 AM | 18/6/2024

Digital transformation is believed to leverage and create a solid foundation for Hai Phong City to become a modern, civilized, sustainable and developed industrial city of Southeast Asian class by 2030, as per Resolution 45-NQ/TW of the Politburo.

Effort for leadership

Hai Phong is one of the leading provinces and cities in the country in promoting scientific, technological and innovation application and development, and proactively participating in digital transformation and Industrial Revolution 4.0. The city is the first in the country to test a private 5G network at the Pegatron Factory to empower smart manufacturing. The Standing Board of the City Party Committee issued Resolution 03-NQ/TU on Hai Phong digital transformation to 2025 and further to 2030. The City People's Council promulgated a resolution on “Investment policy for the digital government project in 2021 - 2025.”

Cutting-edge products are showcased at the Hai Phong Digital Transformation Forum of 2023

Carrying out the above resolutions, the Department of Information and Communications actively advised the City People's Committee to issue five decisions and 15 specific action plans; established 2,450 workgroups for Project 06 and digital transformation with 31,850 employees. Digital technology teams have guided people to submit applications, pay online, install and use the Hai Phong smart application, launched digital platforms and digital services, and increased online records.

Hai Phong is also leading the country to succeed in some areas such as building population data, promoting electronic invoices, renewing driver's licenses and building and operating digital transformation support consulting points.

Mr. Vu Dai Thang, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications, Hai Phong City, said: Determining that digital transformation is the driving force for development, Hai Phong sets higher digital transformation standards than the national average. In 2024 and 2025, the city will focus on implementing analytical solutions to help optimize resources, support administration and operations, build a digital transformation strategy to 2030, form a district-level digital transformation model, and develop the foundation for digital government and smart cities. Doing so, Hai Phong City will lift its ranking and enter the group of the best performers of Digital Transformation Index.

Comprehensive digital transformation

Currently, Hai Phong City's administrative guidance document management system has been deployed to all governmental agencies; 100% of documents are delivered via the network environment (except for confidential documents); 14 out of 15 districts adopt online meetings of People's Council, except Bach Long Vi Island district. The city's information system for handling administrative procedures, connected to the National Population Database, performed a total of 87,170 citizen authentications and service authentications from the National Population Data, of which 73,031 requests were matched with the national population database.

In addition, the State Treasury of Hai Phong City has applied all public services online to State budget users. Piloting the intelligent operations center, the information system that reflects the Hai Phong Smart scenes has been widely introduced to the people. Nearly 910,000 accounts so far have installed the smart application. A total of 576 comments from people have been posted onto the system. 316 comments have been answered, reaching 54.86%, and the rest have been received and processed. The answers are satisfactory to people.

Regarding the digital economy, information technology and electronics industries have attracted many giant businesses such as LG Electronics, Fuji Xerox, Haengsung Electronics and Vingroup. Hai Phong City has supported and connected over 250 agricultural product codes, 179 OCOP products to be introduced, promoted and sold on websites and e-commerce platforms like Clamshell, Postmart, Shopee and Lazada.  The city has also supported the traceability of over 100 agricultural and food products using QR codes on such systems as traceverified.com, agricheck.net, icheck.com.vn, trace.icheck.vn and smartcheck.vn. According to the annual report on Vietnam digital economy 2022, the share of digital economy to total gross regional domestic product (GRDP) of Hai Phong reached 29.48%, ranking 4th out of 63 provinces and cities.

Moreover, digital society, market 4.0 models, cashless payment markets and cashless street models are actively deployed by districts. All hospitals in the city have used hospital management software, connected data with the Social Insurance Inspection Information Gateway. 24 out of 25 medical facilities have coordinated with banks to deploy non cash payment. The increased popularity of electronic documents, electronic school records and electronic scoring books has gradually overwhelmed documents and paper documents in use.

“Resolution 45-NQ/TW dated January 24, 2019 of the Politburo on Hai Phong City construction and development to 2030, with a vision to 2045, determines to turn Hai Phong into a developed, modern, civilized and sustainable industrial city of Southeast Asian class," Deputy Director Vu Dai Thang emphasized. 

Sticking to this requirement, the Department of Information and Communications will continue to achieve all assigned tasks and targets. Besides, the department will urgently complete the project on implementing several contents of the resolution to build the digital government of Hai Phong City in the 2021 - 2025 period; the project on upgrading information technology infrastructure in Party agencies, Vietnam Fatherland Front agencies and sociopolitical organizations in 2022 - 2025; and the digital data strategy to 2025 and further to 2030.

Additionally, the department will continue to build and develop full-process online public services for eligible administrative procedures; speed up digitization of specialized data, develop shared data warehouses to support the settlement of administrative procedures, and provide open data for the people.

In particular, the city will focus on digital transformation in economic sectors to create new growth values from the digital economy, especially from the three pillars: High-tech industry, seaport - logistics, and tourism - trade. Hence, Hai Phong City will create a solid foundation on the path to being a modern, civilized and sustainable industrial city by 2030. n

Ha Thanh (Vietnam Business Forum)