Vinh Long Town Rising to A New Height

2:45:01 PM | 8/8/2006

Located between the Tien and Hau rivers with a diversified overland and river-way transport system, Vinh Long Town is a transhipment locality, a production area and a commodity supplier of exported farm produces, terracotta and china for the Mekong Delta region. With these advantages, Vinh Long Town has many conditions to develop industrial zones, improve the quality of tourism services, and develop commercial agriculture for domestic and overseas market.
A facelift
Since implementing the renovation policy of the Party, the economy of Vinh Long Town has steadily been restored and developed. The industry, handicraft and agriculture made a great leap forward. Agriculture has changed from the rice monoculture to various forms of vegetable cultivation and husbandry. In addition, the town pays attention to socio-cultural field including increasing radio broadcasting programmes, arts performances and entertainment areas.

At the same time, the infrastructure system of the urban and suburban zone like bridges, roads, electricity and water has been invested for repairing, upgrading and new construction, facilitating production and business development. The investment contributes to the facelift of the urban and suburban area and creates favourable conditions for the people, businesspeople and investors in the locality in cargo circulation, trading and service development.

To facilitate the development of tourism services, Vinh Long Town is also focused on investing in carrying out master and detailed plans for the socio-economic development and land fund rezoning plans for the people to have suitable production and business projects. Hence, the town will carry out preset plans to construct tourist sites (house garden tourism and eco-tourism), entertainment centres and public services.
A city for the future
Mr. Tang Ty, Chairman of the Vinh Long Town People’s Committee, Vinh Long has a young, laborious, studious and intelligent workforce and this is the prerequisite for the upgrading of Vinh Long Town into the third-grade city in 2008 and a full city in 2009.
To enhance its economy, Vinh Long Town has implemented projects to expand its trade and service network in recent years. Accordingly, the locality built a central market, A and C Area markets, upgraded Bach Hoa general market, and set up projects to build B commercial centre and fruit markets.

In addition, Vinh Long Town completed a project to develop its industrial and handicraft sector for the period from 2003 to 2010. In 2005, the town continued implementing this project in cooperation with another project of rezoning its wards and communes for the establishment of future small and medium-sized industrial and handicraft zones. It has also conducted propaganda programmes to persuade environment-polluting enterprises or those sharing electrical current with local people move to new locations  
According to Mr. Ty, with the orientation to develop some industries basing on available local resources, the town will concentrate on the production of pottery, brick, tile and mattress for export, mechanic products and construction materials for domestic market. Hence, to accelerate the development of these industries, apart from Vinh Long Province’s implementation of Phu Hoa and Co Chien industrial park development, Vinh Long Town will continue investing in building and upgrading its infrastructure as well as markets and residential areas to keep pace with the development of the town.
Thai Hoang-Khoa Dang