Dong Thap Industrial Zones: Simplifying Procedures to Draw Investment

3:16:05 PM | 17/7/2007

Dong Thap Province has sped up administrative reform and introduced many measures attracting investment capital to boost economic development.
From simplified procedure…
According to Dong Thap Industrial Zones Authority (DIZA), investment capital attraction into industrial zones has made significant progress. While the province had only five projects in 2002, it has since drawn an additional 5 projects. By late 2006, Dong Thap industrial zones housed 14 operational projects and in early 2007 three new projects were brought into operation. In addition, five projects are being constructed while the remainder are preparing for construction. Soaring output value from industrial zones has contributed 40-50 per cent of industrial output value. The output value of industrial zone companies was VND272 billion in 2004, and jumped to VND1,024 billion in 2005 and VND1,664 billion in 2006.
At present, Dong Thap Province has three industrial zones with access to waterway and overland transport links. Sac Dec Industrial Park covers 132 ha. Tran Quoc Toan Industrial Zone is 58 ha located by National Road 30, Provincial Road 848, Tien River and Cao Lanh Town - a port capable of receiving ships up to 3,000 tonnes - and is 130 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Song Hau Industrial Park is 60 ha in Tan Thanh commune, Lai Vung district. It is 19 km from Sa Dec Town, 7 km from the district centre, adjacent to the Hau River, and only 25 km from Can Tho Port.
Since its foundation, DIZA has prioritised administrative reform, simplifying procedures and shortening time for investment project paperwork. Accordingly, the authority regularly sends staff to study, research and exchange experience of “one door, one seal” mechanism with industrial zones authorities in other provinces.
Besides, the authority is assigned by the provincial government to cooperate with other departments and branches to develop procedures for industrial zone tenants. At the same time, the authority issued the decision to set up the Reception Workgroup to receive and return requests from companies in the swiftest way.
To synchronous cooperation solutions
To meet development requirements after Vietnam joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Dong Thap Province has ratified the development orientation for industrial zones until 2010. Accordingly, Sa Dec Industrial Park will be expanded to 323 ha, Tran Quoc Toan IP (Cao Lanh City) to 180 ha and Song Hau IP (Lai Vung District) to 400 ha. Mr Le Minh Hoang, Deputy Director of DIZA, said the province is now prioritising investment in agricultural and aquatic products processing (rice husking and processing, aquatic processing, animal feed processing, vegetable and fruit processing, mushroom processing, food processing), consumer goods production, mechanical production and assembly, construction material industry (granite brick production, ceramic production), electronics and the refrigeration industry. Especially, the province is keen on modern technology and environment-friendly products.
Under the Dong Thap industrial park development orientation from now until 2010, the province will concentrate on completing infrastructure systems: electricity, road, communication, waste treatment facilities and reallocating environment-polluting units in urban and residential areas. The province also calls new investment projects to fill existing vacancies.
Besides, the province will continue considering security systems and supporting services for border and industrial zones like entertainment for workers. Dong Thap Province organised a meeting for businesses, Dong Thap authorities and the governor of Cambodia’s Preiven Province to discuss cooperation for mutual benefit and development. This is also a prerequisite for Dong Thap developing the Ho Chi Minh Trail and exporting commodities to Cambodia and Thailand, a crucial step before penetrating more deeply into the world economy.

Hong Hanh