Ho Chi Minh City Tourism: 100 Interesting Discoveries

2:40:47 PM | 27/8/2009

 At a recent workshop entitled “Ho Chi Minh City destination”, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, Sports and Culture has revealed a lot of interesting information about tourism development potential, most attractive types of tours and imminent events in the metropolis. A reporter of the Vietnam Business Forum had an interview with Mr La Quoc Khanh, Deputy Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, Sports and Culture.
Could you please talk about the recent tourism growth despite a bundle of challenges?
The growth of 10 % in Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism revenue in July is attributed to the increase in domestic arrivals in the months despite the decrease of 10 % in the number of international arrivals to the city.
Based on tourism operations in the metropolis in the first seven months of this year, the municipal tourism sector and travel companies agreed to continue the programme entitled “Vietnam impression”, which provides a wide range of discounts for both inbound and outbound tours. The most prominent is the sub-programme ‘One day with five-star hotel” that brings tourists a chance to enjoy staying at high-end hotels at only US$60-US$70 from early September to late October.
I must say that self-motivation by state authorities should be attached with efforts by enterprises. Fully aware of the fact, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, Sports and Culture regularly holds exchanges for enterprises to work out initiatives to improve the quality of tourism products and services.
Reportedly, Ho Chi Minh City has just launched the programme entitled “Ho Chi Minh City-100 Interesting discoveries” in order to create more spotlights to attract more tourists. Could you please talk about the programme?
When destinations become less attractive, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, Sports and Culture drew out an initiative to select typical cultural values of the metropolis to enhance quality and promote those values. The department formed the programme “Ho Chi Minh City-100 interesting discoveries” based on 10 criteria of municipal tourism, 10 hotels with typical Vietnamese characteristics, 10 interesting shopping places, 10 attractive entertainment locations, 10 typical cultural events, 10 attractive specialities, and 10 Vietnamese dishes winning tourists’ favour.
The department outlined suitable criteria for each aspect and informed candidate companies to improve the quality of their products and services. The department has encouraged not only travel companies but also tourism consumers to join the movement of promoting municipal cultural values. The programme’s organisers will complete selection by the end of September and will announce 100 interesting things to international tourists on the occasion of the international trade fair in the city.
After the selection, the department will intensify promotion using mass media as well as hold workshops on the 100 interesting things. It has also signed an agreement with Vietnam Airlines to broadcast programmes on these interesting things during flights to the metropolis to disseminate them to the public.
Could you please provide information about the International Tourism Exhibition to be held in October in Ho Chi Minh City?
The Ho Chi Minh City international tourism trade fair and exhibition this year is a professional opportunity to introduce tourism products of Vietnam and two neighbours of Cambodia and Laos with the slogan “Three Countries, One Destination”.
The event will attract the participation of 150 travel companies from 19 localities in Vietnam and from 14 foreign countries.
The trade fair this year will showcase products of special subjects. On the occasion, a tourism investment consultancy meeting for three nations will also be held in order to introduce new tourism projects. The organising board also invited 100 international investors from investment funds and banks worldwide to the event to seek investment opportunities.
Reported by Thu Huyen