Creating Momentums for Industrial Development of Dak Nong Province

3:36:14 PM | 24/11/2009

Dak Nong province was formed from the six poor districts of Dak Lak province. On its first days, the province had scarce industry and infrastructure.
To deal with difficulties, provincial authorities are determined to focus on developing industry and take industry as the foundation for other sectors to develop.
The province zoned out one industrial park and six industrial complexes with a combined area of 332.21 ha, namely 181 ha Tam Thang Industrial Park, Nhan Co, Dak Ha, Thuan An and Gia Nghia industrial complexes. The province is planning to build Quang Tam Industrial Complex and three other industrial complexes in Krong No, Dak Song and Dak Glong districts. These figures are not used to compare with other localities. But, these figures are very meaningful to Dak Nong people because the province started developing the industry empty-handed.
From initial successes, Dak Nong has encouraged enterprises to invest in potential sectors like processing, hydropower and mining. The province is home to 1,787 processing industrial establishments which are expected to generate US$1,185 billion of production value in 2010. Major hydroelectric projects like Dong Nai 3, Dong Nai 4, Buon Tua Srah, Dray H'linh II, Buon Kuop, Serepok 3 and Dak R'tih with a combined capacity of over 1,000 MW have been put into operation. Thirty small and medium-sized hydropower plants with a total capacity of 170 MW are being built, including five operational projects. Nhan Co alumina project has a total output 650,000 tonnes per year and is being prepared for construction.
At the Forum on Promoting Investment into the Central Highlands, Mr. Do The Nhu, Vice Chairman of the Dak Nong People’s Committee, said: Dak Nong is “the destination for investors.” The province has reformed its administrative procedures to better serve investors. Dak Nong also grants 100 % of training fees for prioritised people (ethnic minorities, poor people, etc) and provides 50 % of training fees for local residents. With one-door policy, the province easily supports investors to develop the local industry.
Phuong Thuy - Hoang Hai