Ca Mau Gas – Electricity – Nitrogenous Fertilizer IZ: Driving Force for Southwest Region’s Economy

3:17:46 PM | 11/12/2009

Ca Mau gas – electricity – nitrogenous fertilizer industrial zone (IZ), a work of great meaning in terms of economics, politics and society to the region in the South of the country, is invested in by Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation – PetroVietnam. Its aim is to use the source of natural gas in the common exploration area in the sea of Vietnam and Malaysia. Although the IZ has got some projects running, it has brought good results for socio-economic development.
Ca Mau gas – electricity – nitrogenous fertilizer IZ is located on an area of 225 hectares, being one of the country’s largest economics projects, including the construction of a 325-km gas pipeline (298km is built under the sea). The pipeline’s diameter is 18 inches, its length, 12.5 mm and its maximum transport capacity, two billion m3 of gas per year (gas is brought from PM3 mine into Khanh An IZ in U Minh district, Ca mau province to provide energy for two thermoelectricity plants and a nitrogenous fertilizer plant). The amount of gas consumed annually by a plant is about 900m3, equivalent to 3.1 million m3 per day. Two power plants have a total capacity of 1,500MW, and the fertilizer plant’s production capacity, 800,000 tonnes per year.
So far, Ca Mau I power plant and Ca Mau II power plant already have come into operation with a total capacity of 1,500 MW. Construction of a fertilizer company with a designed capacity of 800,000 tonnes per annum is being implemented. Ca Mau gas – electricity – nitrogenous fertilizer project is estimated to make a contribution of 12 % to the province’s GDP and 33 % to the industry-construction area. Recently, Chevron Group (the U.S) made its announcement to co-operate with PetroVietnam to exploit offshore gas mines, bringing gas to Ca Mau gas – electricity – fertilizer plants and O Mon power plant No. 1, 2, and 3. Capital investment for the project amounts to US$4 billion. Its capacity is 2,700MW. This project will turn the Mekong River Delta into an energy center of Vietnam.
The birth of Ca Mau gas – electricity – nitrogenous fertilizer IZ is a premise for Ca Mau’s economy to develop fast. Ca Mau currently has airway to and from Ho Chi Minh City and three and four-star hotels. Many companies from all places are rushing here to build supermarkets, raise shrimps, process seafood and construct factories and headquarters. Besides supplying electricity for the people, business and production, Ca Mau gas – electricity – nitrogenous fertilizer IZ also serves as a driving force for Nam Can, the very last land of the country, to have a deep sea port to serve ships from all over the world to drop in for filling fuel or purchasing specialties of the Southwest region. Not only Ca Mau, but the Southwest region also benefits from the source of electricity and fertilizer produced by this IZ.
Thao Nguyen