Market Day in Upland Ha Giang

4:30:26 PM | 6/10/2010

A unique and integral cultural trait of Ha Giang is its market days. A marketplace in upland Ha Giang province is not only a place to exchange consumer goods and services but, more importantly, a place to exchange and exhibit cultural identity of local ethnic groups.
When highland people go to market, they do not necessarily buy or sell anything but simply meet, exchange and treat each other local specialties like maize wine or thang co (a traditional dish made from untreated internal organs of cattle).
In villages, market days are organised on a short week principle called “chợ lùi” (for instance, the market opens this Sunday, it will be opened next Saturday, then Friday in the following week and so forth). The market is usually open on Sundays in the district centre.
Most products sold here are made by local people like maize, soybean, medicinal herbs, fruits, corn liquor, silver jewellery and others.
Currently, on the Dong Van rock plateau, there are 37 markets. Quan Ba district has eight markets, namely Tam Son, Trang Kim, Tung Vai, Quyet Tien, Nghia Thuan, Bat Dai Son, Cao Ma Po and Lung Tam. Yen Minh district has 11 markets, namely the central market, Mau Due, Bach Dich. Phu Lung, Sung Trang, Sung Thai, Lung Ho, Du Gia, Duong Thuong, Ngoc Long and Mau Long. Dong Van district has eight markets, namely the central market, Lung Phin, Pho Cao, Xa Phin, Sung La, Me Le, Lung Cu and Pho Bang. Meo Vac district has 10 markets, namely the central market, Niem Son, Khau Vai, Sung Tra, Lung Pu, Tat Ngan, Nam Ban, Xin Cai, Son Vi and Thuong Phung.
Ha Giang