Hai Duong Builds Johkasou-based Wastewater Treatment Equipment Plant

9:39:06 PM | 23/2/2011

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai recently offered a written procedural instruction for People’s Committee of Hai Duong province and Hanoi Construction, Trading and Environment Company (Hactra Vietnam) to build a Johkasou-based wastewater treatment equipment plant in Hai Duong province.
Johkasou (JKS), which means “filtration chamber” in Japanese, is the preferred wastewater treatment technology in the world at present and is applicable to household, urban and industrial zone facilities. In Vietnam, the environment-friendly Johkasou technology is being applied to many large urban zones, hospitals and factories.
Implementing the agreement between the Hactra Vietnam and Kubota Johkasou of Japan since March 2010, Japanese experts have completed training programmes for officers and workers at Hactra’s RSP factory to assemble and test household sewage treating equipment.