Viettel Dong Nai: Adding Values to Life

5:47:02 PM | 7/12/2011

Viettel Dong Nai, established in June 2002, is a major, dynamic branch of the military-run Viettel Group, and always fulfils its assigned tasks with the best results. Since its inception, year-on-year revenues always double. The branch is an exemplary contributor to economic development in Dong Nai province.
Like other Viettel branches in 63 provinces and cities across the country, Viettel Dong Nai has made every effort to invest in infrastructure construction, improve service quality, and expand distribution systems to every district. To date, each district has a customer service point. Besides, with the support of local authorities and the trust of customers, Viettel has increasingly asserted its position in the province. To date, Viettel Dong Nai holds a dominant market share.
Mr Pham Van Nghi, Director of Viettel Dong Nai Branch, said, most customers in Dong Nai province are very direct. If we are sincere to them, they will be loyal to us. With their increasing incomes, they are quite generous with telecom services. In addition, as many telecom companies are competing fiercely to expand their market shares in the province, Viettel Dong Nai has been directed to expand its province-wide network. On the national scale, Viettel Group is endeavouring to extend its service coverage to mountainous, remote, border and island areas.
Viettel Dong Nai has invested a lot for network expansion in the province. At the present time, Viettel Dong Nai can provide telecom services for 95 percent of the population in the province. Base transceiver stations (BTS) have been built in upland and mountainous districts like Dinh Quan and Tan Phu to bring telecom services (Homephone) for people there, and carry Internet services to schools. Moreover, Viettel Dong Nai has deployed broadband multimedia services like Video Call, Mobile Internet, 3G Mobile Broadband, Mobile TV, etc. With the message “Colour of life,” the business philosophy “Network goes first, business follows” and the determination “3G must be as good and wide as 2G,” Viettel Group erected nearly 20,000 3G BTS nationwide at the end of 2010. The military-run telecom firm also deploys high speed packet access (HSPA) services with a data download speed of 14.4 Mbps and upload speed of 5.7 Mbps. The group is now ready for HSPA+ service, with download speed reaching 21Mbsp.
Mr Nghi said that although the Dong Nai market is quite large and competitive, some communes in the province are very poor. People in these localities will stay out of telecom services if network operators only think of profit. Viettel Dong Nai, without any hesitancy, has invested a lot in such localities to bring a better life for them.
“We do this because we think that those communes are now poor, but things will change in the near future because the province is effectively attracting many investors. Their living standards will improve soon. They may not need our services today, but they will need them soon when they can afford it. Reward will go to companies with better utilities,” he added. In addition, Viettel Dong Nai focuses on providing services in industrial parks where the demand for telecom services is very high. Along with business development and national security guarantee, Viettel Group always pays attention to charitable activities, poverty reduction, and socioeconomic development in the country.
Van Luong