Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park Contributing to Binh Duong’s Prosperity

7:29:17 PM | 10/1/2012

Apart from favourable geographical location and abundant natural resources, Binh Duong province always flexibly applies general regulations to devise investment incentive policies and create investor-friendly mechanisms to exert a pull on investors far and wide. Therefore, industrial zones in the province are operating very efficiently, bringing huge resources for the province and creating many jobs. Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park is a typical example. As a high-grade production zone, a modern new urban and first-rate service development zone, Viet R.E.M.A.X is expected to be a growth engine for Binh Duong province in the future.
Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park, which covers Ben Cat and Tan Uyen districts and Thu Dau Mot Town, is a driving economic zone of Binh Duong province and belongs to Ho Chi Minh City Economic Belt where traffic systems are convenient and natural resources are abundant. Lying in such an important economic, scientific and technological zone, Viet R.E.M.A.X has a plenty of advantages in providing best services like skilled but low-paid technicians and workers, low infrastructure investment costs, plentiful suppliers, and other utilities. From here, investors can easily reach the potential Ho Chi Minh City market or other localities by means of river ports, seaports, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Song Than Raiway Station, Trans-Asia Road, North - South Railway, National Road 1, National Road 13 and National Road 14.
In addition, Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park lies in the Binh Duong industrial - service - urban complex. This is an advantage that not all industrial parks have. This complex consists of many modern urban, residential, service and amusement centres, industrial zones, export processing zones, and high-tech parks. These components have organic interactive relations and serve as driving forces for development. Lying in the complex, Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park enjoys a fully developed infrastructure system with many modern facilities and benefits from preferential policies and mechanisms. This is an important factor to make Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park an ideal destination for investors. Besides, to help investors obtain necessary approvals from the State management agencies to start their business in the quickest manner, Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park is willing and ready to provide support services for investors such as investment consultancy, application for investment certificates, construction design consultancy, building permit application, recruitment, workforce training and other necessary services.
 Located in such a prime location integrated many best quality utilities, Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park has gradually asserted its position as one of the most potential industrial parks in Binh Duong province. In implementing sustainable development objective, Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park gives priority to environment-friendly projects, thus becoming an ideal destination for domestic and international investors. In addition to attracting investment capital, Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park attaches great importance to developing internal infrastructure to provide best conditions for customers. The medium-voltage power network is directly connected to the Binh Duong industrial - service - urban complex; thus, it is quite easy for investment projects to connect with the power system. The water supply is also connected with the complex. Especially, the traffic system is also interlinked with the traffic system in the complex which is well-connected with other industrial zones and factories.
Currently, Viet R.E.M.A.X Real Estate Service Trading Co. Ltd - the investor of Viet R.E.M.A.X Industrial Park, is stepping up marketing and investment promotion activities to attract more investors. With current preferential investment policies provided by Binh Duong province and low land rental rates plus other attractive services, Viet R.E.M.A.X has been, and will be, the first choice of domestic and foreign enterprises.
Mr Nguyen Minh Hieu, President of Viet R.E.M.A.X Real Estate Service Trading Co. Ltd, said: “Viet R.E.M.A.X Real Estate Service Trading Co. Ltd is always ready to welcome and pledged itself to accompanying investors on the basis of sharing mutual benefit and contributing to the development and prosperity of Binh Duong province. On the occasion of 15th anniversary of Binh Duong re-establishment, we would like to send congratulations to Binh Duong province and we feel very happy to witness tremendous achievements in the past years. We would like to express our gratitude to authorities of Binh Duong province for their support for Viet R.E.M.A.X to invest in the province. We hope Binh Duong provincial government will have more supportive policies to help us to develop further to create more jobs for local workers as well as make more positive contributions to the provincial economy. "
Hoang Lam