Let’s Discover Dien Bien

10:43:10 PM | 28/3/2012

Dien Bien Phu has become a famous tourist, cultural, historical and ecological destination not only for the domestic travelers, but for foreigners as well. Visiting Dien Bien at this time of the year, you will have chance to bask in the immense beauty of the various flowers across mighty mountains and forests.
Beside Dien Bien Phu victory monument, there are other historical sites namely the Ban Phu, Muong Luan tower, Campaign Headquarters in Muong Phang, Noong Nhai massacre memorial, Vu A Dinh monument, Pa Khoang Lake, Muong Nhe primeval forest, Muong Toong, Pa Thom, and hot springs. Many cultural heritages, landscapes, natural ecosystems and cultural villages are also valuable resources attracting visitors.
According to Mr Pham Minh Giam, Director of Tourism Promotion Centre in Dien Bien province, in recent years, apart from working out master plan for state investment, conservation and restoration of Dien Bien Phu historical relics, the province has promoted its strengths in tourism, designed a number of tourist sites and vestiges of Dien Bien Phu victory, including Muong Phang leadership department, monument of Dien Bien Phu victory, and the monument of artillery that troops pulled by hand.
On the tours, visitors will have chance to pass through the cultural communes and enjoy ethnic minority groups’ unique festivals. Moving towards the west, visitors can also visit the Ba Thuong cave, a popular site only recently discovered. These are really strong potentials which will enable Dien Bien to further develop its cultural ecotourism.
However, the strengths of the tourism industry have not been exploited effectively compared to its potential. In time to come, along with the exploitation of the advantages of tourism, the province will simultaneously call for investment and socialization in the field of tourism.
The design of China-Laos-Dien Bien tours is still facing difficulties. The ecological tourism sites and landscapes are mostly located in border areas, which limit access for tourists to these destinations. The province is trying to work out solutions to design Yunnan (China) - Dien Bien - Bang Luang Prabang (Laos) tours.
In addition, the Dien Bien tourism industry will pay due attention to providing training and guidance to local people on how to participate in tourism activities, develop local tourism products, improve quality, service, enhance advertising in the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism’s Vietnamese cultural day program hosted in other countries and cooperate with other Northwest provinces in organizing events to introduce unique cultural activities and tourism products to visitors.
Thanh Nga