Tra Vinh Gathers All Resources for Rapid and Sustainable Socio-economic Development

4:00:51 PM | 19/6/2012

Continuing its successes in 2011, Tra Vinh province will increase investment in agriculture, forestry, fishery, countryside, industry, handicraft, trade, service, and export. The province will also focus on stepping up investment promotion activities and organise events to introduce local advantages to attract investment. Vietnam Business Forum Magazine has an interview with Mr Tran Khieu, Chairman of Tra Vinh Provincial People’s Committee, on this issue. Ha Linh reports.
Could you briefly describe the socioeconomic development results Tra Vinh province achieved in 2011? What fields will the province focus on in the future?
In 2011, in the face of global and national economic slowdown expressed by high inflation, soaring prices of foods, fuel and raw materials, Tra Vinh province still made impressive social and economic results thanks to the determination of the government and the consensus of the people and businesses. Specifically, agricultural production development was stable, industrial production expanded, 17 new investment projects were licensed; export value exceeded the plan; budgetary and credit growth was controlled; social security was guaranteed, people's living standards were improved, social aspects progressed, and national security was guaranteed.
Continuing its successes in 2011, Tra Vinh province will increase investment in agriculture, forestry, fishery, countryside, industry, handicraft, trade, service, and export. The province will also focus on stepping up investment promotion activities and organise events to introduce local advantages to draw investment. Accordingly, the province will continue investing to build Dinh An Economic Zone into a centre of port services, industry and tourism. From now to 2020, it will research and carry out infrastructure projects in Dinh An Economic Zone, upgrade drainage systems and wastewater treatment systems in industrial parks and economic zones.
The province will intensify investment promotion, introduce its potentials and advantages to investors, and call all economic sectors to invest in infrastructure in Cau Quan, Co Chien and Dinh An industrial parks, and Dinh An Economic Zone.
According to the Tra Vinh socio economic development master plan to 2020 approved by the Prime Minister, Tra Vinh will become a centre for the marine economy. This is an important driver to expand the development of industry and services. Would you be kind enough to reveal the provinces development strategies for realizing these objectives?
Objectives under the marine economic development orientation towards 2020 include the exploitation and protection of water creatures. The province will focus investment on developing and modernising offshore fishing fleets, organise fishing logistics services, especially seafaring services to reduce production costs, encourage all economic sectors to expand ship fleets to catch fish in offshore fishing grounds and the Spratly Islands waters, and fully install modern equipment and techniques to increase productivity and output of highly valued seafood.
Regarding aquaculture, the province will promote the development of aquaculture in all three types of water: salt, brackish and fresh. It closely combines aquaculture development with the expansion of protective forests and the restoration and protection of coastal mangroves. It will expand farming areas of prawn, catfish, crab, clam, oyster, and white-legged shrimp in association with coastal environmental protection. It will give priority to the production of baby stocks and feeds, and strengthen State management in aquaculture, especially breeding stock and environment.
With respect to aquatic product processing, Tra Vinh will apply effective policies to call investors to build frozen seafood processing facilities and allow seafood processors to set up associations or economic groups to catch up with international trends.
Concerning fishing logistics services, the province will build and put into use two mooring sites and storm shelters for fishing boats at Cung Hau and Dinh An seaports. It will plan and support the construction of fishing villages in Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district and in Vinh Bao commune, Chau Thanh district. It will also instruct coastal residents to build storm-resistant shelters. It will encourage the building of new fishing boats, fishing stock production centres, fishing boat communication centres, and storm and water monitoring and warning stations in Duyen Hai district. It will expand export markets and broaden association with other domestic economic sectors to develop the marine economy, especially in culturing, processing and export.
At your New Year meeting with local businesspeople, you said that the Provincial People’s Committee would create conditions for enterprises to develop rapidly and sustainably. Could you give some details?
In the past years, Tra Vinh province has issued many preferential investment policies and created favourable conditions for domestic and foreign organisations and companies. The province is urgently completing regulations on investment incentives and supports (land tax exemptions, infrastructure construction, other incentives and supports), processes and procedures of incentive and assistance application.
What are Tra Vinh’s development orientations in 2012?
In 2012, the province strictly follows the government’s instructions to curb inflation, restore economic stability and ensure social security. It focuses on economic restructuring to enhance productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness to realise the target of sustainable development.
In 2012, Tra Vinh will strive for the following targets: GDP growth of 13.5 percent, export turnover of US$200 million, social capital investment growth of 16.6 percent, budget revenue growth of 27.2 percent, 22,000 jobs created, poverty rate reduction of 3 percent, 97 percent of households having access to electricity, and per capita income of VND19.325 million (approximately US$920).
To achieve the above mentioned objectives, Tra Vinh will continue with tightened monetary policies, invest in infrastructure development in the countryside and technical infrastructure in Dinh An Economic Zone and industrial zones. It will give priority to important projects, human resource development, education, culture and tourism, while stepping up public administration reform and lifting local living standards.