Navibank An Giang - Trusted Partner

5:37:33 PM | 28/3/2013

Despite being a newcomer in the banking industry in An Giang province, after more than two years of continuous efforts, Navibank An Giang - the branch of Nam Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank in An Giang province - has achieved initially encouraging results and made important contributions to local socioeconomic development.
Currently, Navibank An Giang has become an important and reliable financial partner of the entire economy in general and the business community in particular. Never leaving behind customers in difficulty, the branch actively studies their situations and offers the best financial support for them.
Besides, Navibank An Giang is committed to providing preferential credit and free consultancy to borrowers. From what it has done, many local enterprises trusted and chose Navibank An Giang to deposit their money and access high quality banking services. Navibank An Giang is always a trusted companion of all enterprises and customers, sharing the desire of contributing to the active economic development of An Giang province. Indeed, Navibank An Giang has timely supported a number of investment, production and business projects in An Giang province, become the last resort for many businesses to survive, while contributing to local economic development, budgetary income and job creation.
Sharing the secret to their success, Ta Thong Ngoc, director of Navibank An Giang, said the advantage of the branch is its young, dynamic staff who always desire to improve their professional skills to better serve customers. The most important factor is the unity and unanimity of all the staff and their wholehearted service to customers. Navibank An Giang determines that creating good products for customers, perfect customer care policies, and high-quality customer-oriented professional services are core and long-term elements for Navibank An Giang to build trust among customers, who will introduce new customers to the branch in return.
Together with the business front, Navibank An Giang also attaches importance to social security and community development activities. It grants scholarships for poor students with outstanding academic records, presents charity houses for the poor and organises voluntary blood donations. These good deeds have left a strong impression on local people and upheld the image of Navibank.
Speaking of business activities in the coming time, Ngoc said Navibank An Giang plans to open four more transaction offices in Long Xuyen City, Chau Doc Town, Tri Ton District and Thoai Son District in 2013. The branch tries to provide modern financial and banking products and services of high utility and efficiency to customers, and expand service for customers, especially small and medium enterprises, business households, and individuals. The branch also supports local enterprises in accessing good capital sources to serve their production and business activities, while enhancing governance, particularly risk management and bad debt control, to continue to accompany businesses in the process of integration and development.
Han Luong