Sumiden Vietnam Automotive Wire Co., Ltd - Hung Yen Branch: Withstanding and Developing in Tough Time

5:30:59 PM | 8/5/2013

Sumiden Vietnam Automotive Wire Co., Ltd - Hung Yen Branch is a wholly invested unit of Japanese Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd (SWS). The US$14.5 million factory is located on 2.37 ha in Thang Long Industrial Park 2 in Hung Yen province. It started commercial operation in 2012, generated many jobs for workers inside and outside the province, and satisfied the expectations of the provincial government.
Sumiden Vietnam Automotive Wire Co., Ltd - HungYen Branch manufactures wiring harnesses for automobiles. Apart from conventional electric cables, the company invests to build advanced production lines, machinery and equipment to make specialised cables (like radio interference reducers). The company's products are exported to foreign markets like Japan and the United States.
In the past time, global economic slowdown coupled with domestic rising inflation, tightened credit policies and increasing input costs distressed industrial production companies. Many had to scale down or suspend production, and slowed down or ended their investment projects. But, with the right development strategy, creativity and insight of the leadership, the company still maintained steady growth. The new factory fulfilled the production plan of 360 tonnes of bronze wires per month, or 95 per cent of the design capacity. In addition, to ensure product quality, the company builds and applies advanced quality management systems, focusing on meticulous monitoring of every production process. This year, the company will continue to invest approximately US$20 million for the second phase construction of the factory to manufacture new types of wiring harnesses and raise monthly output by 250 tonnes.
The company also pays great attention to human resources development. The plant now has about 140 employees. Apart from some engineers and workers from the Hai Duong province-based factory, the company continues applying attractive employment policies to draw high-quality labour. The firm also fulfils its obligations to employees such as health insurance and social insurance. In addition, the company takes care of spiritual and material life of its employees and grants good allowances, and performance remunerations to them.
The company always puts safety and environment on the top of production and business criteria. All employees go to the workplace safely and return their home safely. The compliance with environmental requirements is always closely monitored by the management to ensure the company’s development in harmony with a greener Vietnam.
Particularly, the main and most important factor is corporate culture. For that reason, the corporate culture is widely disseminated throughout the company from production units to every individual worker. This element unites all members of the company, who treat each other as family members and join forces for the development of the company.
In the coming time, to withstand difficulties and challenges, the company will continue to work out new business plans, mobilise and promote all resources, perfect supervisory and management works to enhance production capacity and product quality, thus giving a boost to the company’s position and brand name on the domestic and foreign automotive wiring markets.
Nguyen Bach