Lao Cai Business Association- Bridge Linking Provincial Government and Business Community

5:29:33 PM | 29/8/2013

As a representative of the business community in Lao Cai province, after more than two years in operation, the Lao Cai Business Association has proved its good performance, working with the business community to overcome difficulties and on behalf of them to raise their voice to the government and become an important bridge between the provincial authorities and businesses.
The Lao Cai Business Association was officially launched in 2011 and it plays very important role in connecting and supporting businesses to improve business performance and protect the legal rights of the businesses. Under the leadership of the provincial government, the business association has achieved positive results in recent years. Since its official operation, the association always complies with the policy of the government and follows up the mission of the association. Currently, the association has 158 member companies, operating in five main business areas: Construction with 100 companies, Mining and Trading Services, Finance- Banking, and Mechanical Repairs. The business association has created jobs for tens of thousands of workers with relatively stable wages from VND2.5 million to VND 8 million per month.
Following the philosophy of the "Unity and Integration for Development", the Lao Cai Business Association continues to study the appropriate, efficient and professional operation mechanism to meet the requirements and expectations of the business community; besides, the association enables members to exchange and share experiences, as well as encourage and support each other to develop production and business operation.
Mr Vu Ngoc Cu, Vice President of the Lao Cai Business Association, said the association has organised a number of effective programmes such as training courses on improving enterprises' competitiveness, legal consulting for businesses in the areas of business operation, and proposals of the business community to the policies of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee and the provincial authorities.
The association pays great attention to the practical legal rights of the members, through many practical activities such as counselling to help each other in the fields of risk management, human resources management, and capital solution. The association also contributes to improve the efficiency of business performance in the province. The association also co-organizes conferences and meetings to solve problems for enterprises, facilitates business dialogues, improves the investment environment in Lao Cai province, and organizes other meetings between business community and provincial leaders. It also focuses on supporting businesses to promote their products and enhancing economic cooperation for local and national businesses. The association regularly organizes exchange programs for businesses to improve their capacity, and grants for businesses that excel in business and social activities. Some rewarded companies include Nam Tien Investment and Construction JSC., Hoa Phong Ltd., Huy Long Mechanical Company Ltd., Minh Duc Construction Ltd., Vietnam Apatite Ltd., An Phat Company, and Thanh Luan Real Estate Company.
However, the association still faces some of shortcomings such as limited contributions from members, unclear mechanism, policies and benefits for members which lead to limited number of members and lack of influences of the association on the policies, which can not attract more businesses as expected.
In 2013, there are many challenges and difficulties for businesses. Therefore, businesses in Lao Cai need to build up a strong business community through sharing experiences and supporting each other for mutual development and integration. In addition, the businesses should take care of the living standards and cultural lives of the workers for sustainable development.
Thuy Mien