Kon Tum Investing in Development of Three Key Economic Zones

5:18:26 PM | 15/10/2013

Like other localities, in the process of finding its own direction, Kon Tum province has identified three key economic zones with strong and specific potential to invest in, including Kon Tum City Economic Zone associated with new urban areas and industrial zones; Ngoc Hoi Economic Zone associated with Bo Y International Economic Border Gate, and Kon Plong Economic Zone associated with Mang Den Ecotourism Zone.
Mr Nguyen Van Hung, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Kon Tum, said that the construction and development of the province's momentum in economic regions is a very important task, a breakthrough for the province to efficiently exploit its potentials and promote neighbouring areas to develop to shorten the gap between regions in the province. Over six years of implementation, the key economic zones of the province have achieved certain results. Infrastructure in the key economic zones have been invested in and gradually improved. Kon Tum town has been recognized as a provincial city by the Government. The face of and people’s life in Ngoc Hoi and Kon Plong economic zones have been gradually improved, and socio-economic infrastructure in communes has been improved significantly. Potential and advantages of each region together create a development triangle for the locality, contributing to utilizing potential and also creating new avenues for Kon Tum to enhance and broaden relations and cooperation on socio - economic development with the provinces in the central region and the Central Highlands.
By its own strength, each of 3 dynamic economic zones has become the focus of investors. Attracting investors to Bo Y International Border Gate Zone and Mang Den Ecotourism Zone has slowed down due to overall difficulties, yet has still made significant steps. Several projects have started and contributed to the overall development of the province, initially promoting the development of the neighbourhood areas.
Besides developing policies to attract investment consistent with the characteristics of each region in the dynamic economic triangular, Kon Tum province has developed solutions to enhance the overall promotion of investment in each dynamic economic region. Chairman Nguyen Van Hung shared that the province focuses resources on Kon Tum economic zones. The province continues to review and adjust the detailed planning of the functional areas of the city, particularly the implementation. At the same time, the province aims to construct the provincial administrative zone towards modernity and comprehensive infrastructure. In addition, industry, trade and services are also developed; and new urban areas are formed on the basis of expansion of urban space along the Dak Bla river, Highway 14 (Ho Chi Minh Trail) and Highway 24.
In Ngoc Hoi Economic Zone, the province reviews and adjusts detailed plans of Bo Y international border gate economic zone to suit the conditions and abilities of the province. The province also enlists maximum resources to build infrastructure of the economic region in accordance with the planning, making the economic region the centre of the Development Triangle of Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam.
Particularly in the Kon Plong Economic Zone, the province implements plan on Mang Den eco-tourism zone construction and Kon Plong general planning towards 2030. The province promotes investment, creating favourable conditions for businesses to access capital and grants investment incentives under Resolution 30a/2008/NQ-CP of the Government. At the same time the province focuses on the development of production facilities of vegetables, flowers, fish of cold countries with appropriate scale as well as better implements investment, restoration and development project on cultural tourism village of ethnic minorities community in Kon Plong district.