Tay Ninh Industrial Park Infrastructure Development Company: Outstanding Example of Efficient Investment

5:06:07 PM | 18/12/2013

Vietnam is in the process of industrialisation and modernisation with a series of industrial parks (IPs) being built and put into operation. The formation and development of IPs, export processing zones, hi-tech parks in Vietnam have brought practical effects to the economy. Proportional to industrial development are the increase in pollution problems, environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources. Therefore, when evaluating the efficiency of IPs, we should have a comprehensive view, combining both economic and social factors, especially in environmental protection. Trang Bang IP is the first IP in Tay Ninh province to do so.
Trang Bang IP was established in 1999 under the decision of 100/QD-TTg with a total area of 190.26 hectares, including 131.97 hectares of industrial land invested by Tay Ninh Industrial Park Infrastructure Development Company (INDECO). This is the first IP in Tay Ninh having synchronous infrastructure, attracting investment fast and operating efficiently. Up to now, Trang Bang Tay Ninh IP’s occupation rate is 100 percent with 72 investment projects in the IP. In which, there are 53 FDI projects by investors from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and China operating effectively in the fields of food processing, textile, leather, construction materials, chemicals, mechanical engineering and packaging. The smooth operations of investment projects create advantages for the economy of Tay Ninh to shift in the direction of industry, accelerating industrialisation - modernisation.
As a multi-sectoral and multi-product IP, the environmental protection and natural resources protection are interested by investors. Waste is classified and processed by advanced technology before being discharged into the outside environment. In terms of water waste: The IP has a centralised waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 5,000 m3 per day that has been put into operation since 2009, ensuring effective waste water treatment. In addition, the company also installed more flow meters and automatic monitoring systems to check the levels of pH, DO, COD, SS and colour to ensure the waste water to meet 40 NTR:2001 - column A before going to the IP’s regulate lake and discharging to the Vam Co Dong River. In terms of emission: it is mainly due to the operation of the production and transportation units the IP such as dust, CO2, CO and NOx. The company measures regularly the air data around the IP to make sure it is within the permitted limits. In addition, the IP also has the system of tree in 35.44 hectares, accounting for 18.69 percent of the total land area in the IP. This green area is a piece of "filter" for noise reduction and creating beauty for the IP. In terms of solid waste: In addition to setting up treatment plants for industrial waste, domestic waste and litter, factories in the IP must sign a contract with the unit in charge of solid waste collection, and have to be responsible for the classification as well as solid waste and toxic waste management. In addition, investors set up their own sanitary team and put bins along the route in the IP. These will be collected twice a week.
With these efforts, Trang Bang IP is now an IP not only having economic efficiency through greater contribution to the provincial budget every year, but also a green clean, beautiful IP of Tay Ninh. At the same time the IP is also a key to remove difficulties in employment, economic life stability for the more than 21,000 local workers, reducing pressure on the province's economy.
Minh Tuan