Tra Vinh Water Resources Exploitation and Management Co., Ltd: Joining Hands for New Countryside Construction

4:09:47 PM | 25/12/2013

By focusing on preventing drought, accelerating seasonal crop restructuring and increasing crop productivity, Tra Vinh Water Resources Exploitation and Management Co., Ltd always excellently completes assigned tasks and confirms its role as a leading irrigation unit in the province.
Director Do Trung said the company’s main tasks are managing and operating irrigation systems to supply water for agricultural production, industrial production and livelihood of the people in Tra Vinh province. Currently, the company is managing and operating infield irrigation systems, including My Van - Rum Soc area, Cai Hop culvert, Lang The culvert, Tam Phuong culvert, Cha Va, Thau Rau, Ham Giang, Tra Cu, Vam Buon, Bac Trang - Trem, Can Chong and Nha Tho areas. It is controlling salinity for the area outside Nam Mang Thit project (from National Road 53 to sea dikes in Duyen Hai, Tra Cu and Cau Ngang districts).
Since its inception, the company always tries its best to perform its functions and fulfil its tasks and objectives. In recent years, the weather has caused unfavourable operations of the company. But, defining that good watering service helps ensure food security, the company always fulfils its tasks and plays an important role in the success of agricultural production.
The firm also pays special attention to managing, maintaining and protecting irrigation works. It has applied many measures to prevent and handle acts of infringing irrigation works. Each employee is assigned to undertake specific tasks in order to boost his/her dynamism and enhance employee accountability. When water is supplied, technical staff as well as workers at all times uphold the spirit of dynamic creativity, detect and handle system and machine failures to improve irrigation efficiency. Furthermore, the firm actively plans repair and maintenance of irrigation works in order to ensure smooth operation of the system.
To fulfil its tasks, the Board of Directors is also particularly interested in the livelihood of employees by adding incentives for them. Stable and effective operation of the company helps raise incomes of employees as well as their living quality. In addition, the firm actively participates in social activities such as raising funds for the poor, and providing relief for victims of natural disasters.
Based on its achievements, the company has set high aims for the upcoming period to better serve agricultural production in Tra Vinh province, actively contribute to agricultural and rural industrialisation and modernisation, and new countryside construction. Given its existing capacity, the firm will reach out and become a trusted companion of farmers and a driving force for agricultural development in the province.
Song Kiet