Ninh Binh Boosting Exports, Enhancing Market

5:28:33 PM | 6/1/2014

In recent years, despite the overshadowing difficult situation in international and national economy, the trade and industry sector of Ninh Binh Province has continue to keep up its leading role in trade promotion and connecting government - enterprise - consumers. To get a better understanding of the activities of Ninh Binh trade and industry, Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Ms Pham Thi Hong, Director of the Ninh Binh Department of Trade and Industry. Duy Anh reports.
Could you please share some details about the export activities of Ninh Binh province in 2013?
In 2013, the domestic economy faced many difficulties as a result of the world recession, namely the decline in domestic purchasing power, unstable import - export market due to increased technical barriers from foreign countries, and falling prices of some agricultural products. However Ninh Binh export was not defeated by those challenges, we continued the positive and strong growth; total export value in 2013 was estimated at USD 580 million, an increase of 23.6 percent over the previous year and exceeded the 2013 plan by 29 percent.
Part of these results came from the concentrated and specific direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the People's Council and the People’s Committee to all levels of agency in implementing Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated January 7th 2013 on solutions for business, market assistance and bad debt settlement, and to continue implementing Resolution 02/NQ-HDND dated July 27th 2010 of the Provincial People's Council on developing Ninh Binh’s export stage 2010 - 2015, in which focused on completing infrastructure of industrial complexes, boosting trade promotion and accelerating administrative reform. Besides, effort and determination from the provincial business community was also an important factor to stabilise and develop the local economy, of which export activities were a bright spot.
Output market has always been a thorny problem for businesses, so what advice did the Ninh Binh Department provide the provincial authority to overcome this specific obstacle, helping enterprises deal with big inventories?
The Ninh Binh Department of Trade and Industry had submitted to the Provincial People's Committee for approval and implementation of the Industry Promotion Plan, which proposed to continue focusing on developing small, rural handicraft industry of local strength (Seagrass, embroidery, rattan...) through vocational training and development assistance, creating jobs for provincial workers. Another crucial task was the trade promotion activities. With an annual budget of 2 VND billion from the province, the Department organised and encouraged enterprises to participate in industry fairs to promote local products, urging businesses to participate in trade promotion activities at home and abroad, focusing on advantageous traditional industries.
Additionally, the trade and industry sector also advised the Provincial People's Committee in reviewing administrative procedures, remove unnecessary steps and shorten processing times, creating favourable conditions for local businesses; strengthening market management, inspection, anti-smuggling, counterfeiting, commercial fraud to protect legitimate enterprises.
To help businesses stabilize production and reduce inventory, in 2013, besides market measures to promote sales, the Ninh Binh Department of Trade and Industry actively collaborated with related entities to hold eight sessions of bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas with 390 VND million funding from banks. These sessions provided a great opportunity for businesses to promote brand products; exploiting the potential of rural markets; meeting and exchanging experiences with partners, to study consumers’ demand and build suitable production and business plans. This activity was of great significance to create a bridge between enterprises and customers in rural areas, a practical one in response to the campaign “Vietnamese give priority to using Vietnamese goods”.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is expected come into effect by early 2014. With its advantages in garment exporting, what has the Department prepared to help local businesses exploit their strength when the time comes?
TPP is a trade agreement of great importance which can bring enormous opportunity for Vietnam to connect with other countries in developing economy, boosting export, facilitating trade, reducing exporting tariffs and loosening export restrictions. Currently, many businesses still have a vague vision about TPP, not fully understanding the meaning and importance of this agreement. Therefore, to develop the provincial potential and help businesses exploit the agreements' strengths, the Department will first focus on raising businesses’ understanding of TPP and its benefits and opportunities, on the other hand continue to help businesses enhance production capacity, expanding their markets among TPP members.
What has Ninh Binh Department of Trade and Industry done so far to promote exports in the 2011 - 2015 period under Project 05/DA-UBND dated July 5th 2010?
- In this specific difficult economic time, the Department has proposed many overall solutions. First, to coordinate with other sectors to attract investment into supporting industries serving the local textile and garment, the high-tech projects of big production values such as electronic and phone parts.
- Every year, the Department effectively organises and conducts activities of trade promotion and e-commerce development, supporting export activities; creating brands, developing traditional export markets and seeking new ones.
- To implement Plan 53/KH-UBND of the Provincial People’s Committee dated October 8th 2012 on continuing the implementation of Resolution 04/NQ-TU dated August 9th 2012 on developing seagrass planting and processing, lace embroidery and stone carving toward 2015, focusing on: preserving and developing traditional craft villages (seagrass products, embroidery, stone crafting); investing in craft village infrastructure; planning promoting centres to introduce local souvenirs to tourists, and aiming to boost exports of traditional commodities.
- At the same time, the Department will promote the work of market evaluation and forecasts; hold training sessions in disseminating information about international commitments, the benefit of Vietnam to local businesses so they can have full knowledge to approach and expand export markets.